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100 Things to do in Kenya

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100 Things to do in Kenya

1. Maasai Mara safari (Narok)

1 Maasai Mara 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya

With its scenic beauty, aura and variety of game, the Maasai Mara will give you an authentic African safari. No words or pictures can fully convey the atmosphere in this reserve. Having housed over 90 species of animals and over 400 bird species, Maasai Mara is one of the greatest wildlife destinations in the world. Maasai Mara’s cats are so spectacular that they star in BBC’S Big Cat Series. You can go alone or join 3 day group safari.

2. Climb Mount Kenya (Nyeri)

2 Mt. Kenya 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya

For those who love the thrill that comes from climbing on rock, ice and snow, this should be on your bucket list. Mt Kenya is Africa’s second highest mountain and has been named the most challenging climb. It is where the world’s best climbers test their skills. The average climber will likely reach point Lenana in 48 hours and descend in 36 hours. If you are aiming higher, you had better bring your A game. Join 5 day expedition for the real Mt Kenya experience.

3. Whitewater rafting on River Tana (Sagana)

This is the most relaxing activity after a challenging hiking and mountain climbing experience. The Tana River is close to Mt. Kenya and has the most exciting rapids in the country. The drift will also give you a glimpse of some spectacular bird species. Be ready for 4 hours of adventure and loads of fun in the murky waters.

4. Hiking at Hell’s Gate National Park (Naivasha)

4 Hells Gate 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya

The name might sound scary but the experience is quite the opposite. Hell’s Gate is one of the few parks in which you can walk alongside zebras, gazelles and elands among other animals. A hike in the park takes 4-6 hours. The scenery is decorated with rugged landscape, gorges, and hot water streams. The scenery is so spectacular that it inspired several Hollywood movies. Camping areas are available where you can pitch a tent or park your RV.

5. Feeding giraffes (Nairobi)

5 Giraffe Centre 200x300 100 Things to do in Kenya
The Giraffe Centre located in Nairobi combines the serious protection of the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe with fascinating activities. Visitors are allowed to interact with the giraffes through observation, hand feeding and even kissing. You can also catch a glimpse of warthogs and birds.

6. Eat in a cave (Mombasa)

Crazy as it sounds, having dinner in a cave is an unforgettable experience. Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant along Diani beach is a place that leaves a mark in everyone’s memory. The restaurant mainly serves seafood and steak but vegetarian dishes can be made at the customer’s request. The main part of the cave is open, literally making it dinner under the stars. Add a bottle of fine wine and a loved one and you have everyone’s dream evening.

7. Wildebeest migration (Narok)

7 Wildebeest migration 300x200 100 Things to do in Kenya
You have probably seen lions, elephants and cheetahs in your local zoo. You have probably seen a wildebeest too. But I doubt you have seen over a million of them in a rush to close a river while numerous crocodiles prey on them. Occurring between July and October, this event between the Maasai Mara in Kenya and Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is so spectacular that it was named the seventh wonder of the world as well as the “world cup of wildlife.”

8. Big five snake safari (Watamu)

8 Snake safari 300x202 100 Things to do in Kenya
The Bio-Ken Snake Farm organizes snake safaris for the strong-willed reptile lovers to interact with the snakes on riverbanks, trees and rocky cliffs. A group of experts leads the safari which can take up to five nights. You get a chance to catch pythons, cobras, puff adders and other members of the big five.

9. Flamingo watching (Nakuru)

9 Flamingoes lake Nakuru 300x169 100 Things to do in Kenya
I cannot think of anything that is better than watching a lake being turned into a mass of moving pink. Hundreds of thousands of spectacular birds flock the salt water lakes in the Kenyan Rift Valley every year creating an unmatchable spectacle. Lake Nakuru is turned into candy-land as flamingos and hundreds of other bird species blanket its surface. The best time to catch this immense beauty is between April and June.

10. Ride an ostrich (Nairobi)

10 Ostrich farm 300x276 100 Things to do in Kenya
The Maasai Ostrich Farm Resort in Nairobi brings you as close to an ostrich as possible. None of your friends will believe you when you tell them that you spent 30 minutes riding on the back of an ostrich. As if that is not good enough, you get to eat one. You can relax in a thatched makuti or by the pool and enjoy a delicacy of ostrich meat.

11. Relax on the Kenyan coast (Mombasa)

11 Kenyan Coast 300x200 100 Things to do in Kenya
While going on safari is exciting and adventurous, the Kenyan coast has been known to put a smile on a visitors face. With its sun-bleached sandy beaches and its warm inviting waters, the Kenyan stretch of the Indian Ocean will take your breath away. Lay in the shade of the coconut palms sipping a drink as you squint through the rays of the afternoon sun to watch local fishermen in their traditionally made dhows.

12. Diving (Mombasa)

12 Coral reef Mombasa 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
If you thought the Kenyan game parks were rich, you are yet to see the ones hidden in the depths of the Indian Ocean. Experience the adrenaline rush of coming face to face with a shark and other big water creatures, the excitement of being in the warm waters surrounded by colorful fish and the beauty of the coral reef. Join peponi divers who happen to have over 25 diving sites!

13. Kitesurfing (Mombasa)

13 Kitesurfing Mombasa 300x201 100 Things to do in Kenya
Combine the art of flying a kite and boarding, and you have the ultimate sport for thrill lovers. No words can describe the excitement that comes from being propelled by the trade winds as you try to control the kite above you while both hoping and fearing to become airborne. Classes for beginners take an average of 3 hours.

14. Jet skiing (Diani)

14 Jetskiing Diani 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
For those who prefer their fun at high speed, Diani Beach is the perfect place to experience a new exhilarating world. Get a different view of the beach from the open sea. How about meeting dozens of dolphins and giant turtles along the way? A Jet Ski safari takes 1 hour on a normal day.

15. Kayaking (Sagana)

15 Kayaking Sagana 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
If you have not tried your hand at this exciting sport then you have not been living. Which other place would be better for relaxed paddling than the calm waters of River Sagana, ranked the best kayaking spot in Africa? Savage Wilderness offers flexible sessions depending on your schedule.

16. Deep sea fishing (Mombasa)

16 Fishing Mombasa 300x200 100 Things to do in Kenya
There is immense excitement and feeling of accomplishment that comes from reeling a giant fish, both for beginners and seasoned pros. Marlin and the acrobatic sailfish are the most common in the deep waters of Mombasa, and you can be sure that the experience is nothing short of spectacular. A fishing trip takes 4-8 hours. Some of the world’s fishing records have been set and broken in these same waters. Join a 4, 6 or 8 hour fishing session.

17. Bungee jumping (Sagana)

17 Bungee jumping Sagana 300x198 100 Things to do in Kenya
This is not for the faint hearted or the nervous souls, it is for the real adrenaline junkies. Throw yourself from a 60-meter tower into the brown Sagana River and experience a thrill you have never felt before. One thing for sure, your screams of fear and excitement will be heard from a mile away.

18. Rock climbing (Voi)

18 Rockclimbing Tsavo 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
There are a lot of rock climbing venues in Kenya but none can beat the alluring rocks in Tsavo National Park. Climb a 300-meter rock as elephants roam below you and falcons and eagles circle above you. It is said to be among the most challenging rock climbing events, but the view from the top is very much worth the effort.

19. Paragliding (Eldoret)

19 Paragliding Kerio Valley 300x200 100 Things to do in Kenya
Paragliding in Kerio Valley is an opportunity to defy gravity and turn into an eagle for an hour or two. Fly in the simplest and most beautiful way as you look at the landscape from a bird’s view. To get the most bang for your back, time your trip between January and April since that is when the winds are strongest.

20. Skydiving (Diani)

20 Skydiving Diani 300x169 100 Things to do in Kenya
I cannot think of anything that is more thrilling than being dropped from 10000 feet above the beach. Diani is the only place where the weather is perfect for skydiving almost throughout the year, and every fall is a beach fall. As you fall towards the fantastic view below you, you will feel your heart beating faster and the adrenaline rush through your body. Don’t let this distract you from smiling for the camera!

21. Visiting Fort Jesus (Lamu)

Built by the Portuguese in 1593, Fort Jesus is Mombasa’s history hub. With meter thick walls, ancient Portuguese graffiti and Arabic writing, Fort Jesus is a must see for any history lover. Explore battlements, gun turrets and houses hidden within the walls. The Fort also hosts a spectacular show portraying how the Fort changed hands over the decades. This day tour will teach you all you need to know.

22. A tour in Gede Ruins (Malindi)

Explore an ancient Swahili town hidden by a tropical forest on the Kenyan coast. This mystical town has been captivating many visitors since Sir John Kirk’s visit in 1884. The development and abandonment of the town leaves many people bewildered. From the mosque to the coral brick houses to the idyllic location, the town is nothing short of amazing. A tour around the ruins takes two hours.

23. Watch and eat crocodiles (Mombasa)

23 Mamba village 300x168 100 Things to do in Kenya
Whether you have seen crocodiles on your safari or not, the Mamba village is a must see. East Africa’s largest crocodile farm gives you an opportunity to see the predators from close range, especially their aggressiveness during feeding time. Find out what grilled crocodile meat tastes like.

24. Try go-karting (Mombasa)

24 Go karting Mombasa 300x199 100 Things to do in Kenya
If you have children, they will definitely love the famous Mombasa go-karts. If you don’t then this would be your chance to discover whether you are a child at heart. Take an hour to drive a small four wheeled car around a track in a wonderful tropical garden.

25. Take a dhow trip to Wasini Island (Mombasa)

25 Old Mombasa Port 300x169 100 Things to do in Kenya
Lying on a five square kilometer area south of Mombasa is the popular and pristine Wasini Island. The trip is lined with dolphins, the Shimoni caves full of history and ancient Swahili villages. Enjoy a tasty meal by the ocean after a session of snorkeling. The dhows usually leave at 9 am and return at 6 pm.

26. Mombasa Marine National Park (Malindi)

26 Sea horse Marine park 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
Interact with sea horses, sea urchins, crabs and lots of other fascinating sea creatures at the marine park. Divers and snorkelers get a chance to see them up-close and personal while those who can’t get into the water see the sea friends through a glass bottomed boat.

27. Party at Forty Thieves Beach Bar (Diani)

27 Forty Thieves Bar 300x200 100 Things to do in Kenya
The Forty Thieves Beach Bar will give you a warm welcome after a busy day. Enjoy a delicious meal, a cocktail at the beach and party the night away under the stars. The exciting bar games and the live music will make you wish the night could last longer.

28. Take a picture beside the elephant tusks (Mombasa)

28Mombasa 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
You cannot prove that you have been to the Kenyan coast if you don’t have a picture beside the trademark tusks in Mombasa. The tusks were made in 1952 to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s visit and form the letter M representing Mombasa.

29. Take a walk in Mombasa Old town (Mombasa)

With its ancient architecture, cultural diversity, tapered streets, and finely carved doors, Mombasa Old town is packed with history that takes the visitors through a series of events. A comprehensive tour takes three hours. There are no dull moments here.

30. Watch butterflies (Lamu)

30 Butterfly House 300x203 100 Things to do in Kenya
Enjoy a moment of peace and tranquility while watching hundreds of butterflies at the Mombasa butterfly house. Sit in the beautiful quiet gardens as you enjoy the breeze from the ocean while butterflies flit around you in a display of freedom beauty and peace.

31. Participate in the Rhino Charge

31 Rhino charge 300x190 100 Things to do in Kenya
The Rhino Charge is an exciting competition where participants drive a 4×4 on the most unforgiving and roughest terrains that Kenya has to offer. The funds collected go towards conservation of the endangered black rhino. Competitors are required to complete the circuit within 10 hours. The location is never disclosed until two days to the event. Support a great cause all while having a great time.

32. Take part in the safari rally (Nairobi)

32 Safarirally 300x135 100 Things to do in Kenya
For the speed and endurance enthusiasts, Kenya will serve you with its version of fast and furious. Only that it is dusty and filled with the thrill of dodging wildlife while avoiding busting your suspension on rocks and boulders. The rally takes an average of 2-4 days.

33. Ice skating (Nairobi)

33 Ice skating Panari 300x102 100 Things to do in Kenya
Kenya and winter sports aren’t usually mentioned in the same sentence, but the Panari Sky Centre in Nairobi has turned that around. Escape the heat and buzz of Nairobi town and cool off on East Africa’s only ice rink. Taste the experience of skating in the tropics.

34. Run a marathon (Nanyuki)

You can’t talk about Kenya without mentioning its great long distance runners. Safaricom Marathon allows you to run along some the world’s greatest athletes up the hills in the blistering Kenyan sun. The marathon is about 16miles of wildlife inhabited area. Add an hour to your average marathon time.

35. Foster an elephant (Nairobi)

35 David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust 300x201 100 Things to do in Kenya
The David Shedrick Wildlife Trust was created for baby elephants who are orphaned mainly because of the brutal ivory trade. Get an opportunity to watch the elephants being bottle-fed and learn how they got there. The best time to visit is around 11.00 am. You can also foster a baby elephant at the cost of $50 and above. Show your love at the haven for orphaned elephants.

36. Hot air ballooning (Narok)

36 Maasai Mara 225x300 100 Things to do in Kenya
A hot air balloon ride comes with excitement regardless of the setting, but taking one over the beautiful landscape of Maasai Mara is simply breathtaking. Fly early in the morning to see the spectacular sunrise and the animals. The flight coves 15 to 25 kilometers and normally takes one hour. If there is something you have to do once in a lifetime, this should be it.

37. Flying in Ol Malo (Nanyuki)

37 Ol Malo 300x200 100 Things to do in Kenya
Enjoy Laikipia’s beauty from a helicopter flight. This will allow you to see the land’s hidden gems and an entirely different view before you are taken to a campsite in the middle of the jungle. Swoop low over meandering rivers, herds of elephants and through valleys.

38. Horseback safari (Nanyuki)

38 Horseback safari Ol Donyo 300x201 100 Things to do in Kenya
Unleash the cowboy in you and gallop along wild animals in Ol Donyo Lodge. Three hours on the saddle guarantee you thousands of acres on the beautiful landscape while passing between herds of zebras. A little more patience and you’ll find yourself facing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

39. Hunt with the pack (Nanyuki)

39 Laikipia Wilderness Camp 300x199 100 Things to do in Kenya
When you share a small wilderness camp with a pack of wild dogs you are bound to become friends. Trail the wild dogs at Laikipia Wilderness camp and get to watch them hunt. If you are looking for the real bush experience, this is the place to be.

40. Sleep beneath the stars (Nanyuki)

40 Stars Loisaba 300x198 100 Things to do in Kenya
If you think you have had your best night consider sleeping in the open while watching the bright African sky and listening to the roars of animals beneath you. Trail the Milky Way through the sky and watch the sun rising at Loisaba Star Beds while a Samburu warrior guards you. Sleep under the most beautiful canopy here.

41. Propose at Africa’s Hogwarts (Nanyuki)

If you are thinking of popping the question you can never go wrong with Ol Malo House. With it’s a central tower, cave bedroom and quirky design, Ol Malo House creates the romantic atmosphere you need. Add flowers, champagne and the occasional spiral staircase and you are guaranteed a yes.

42. Dinner in the Tamarind Dhow (Mombasa)

Have dinner in a sailing restaurant that has been made in a former cargo trading boat. Enjoy delicious Swahili seafood while moving smoothly under the starlit sky. You can then dance to the wonderful music played by the live band. The dinner cruise starts at 6.30pm and gets back to the jetty at 10.30pm.

43. Get married like the Maasai (Nanyuki)

A unique, memorable and out of the ordinary experience is what you will get if you decide to marry or remarry in Maasai culture. Become a warrior and have Maasai warriors assist you to capture your bride. Complete with cultural food and dressing, the event is simply unforgettable.

44. Romantic getaway in Borana Lodge (Nanyuki)

With almost a dozen deluxe cottages and an excellent view of the Lewa Plains and the winding Semangua Valley, Borana is the perfect place for you and your loved one to rekindle your love. Sip wine by fire as you enjoy the panoramic view. Bring your loved one and shut the world out.

45. Crossing to Rolf’s place (Nairobi)

Rolf’s Place is a restaurant built at the edge of a cliff in Nairobi. The restaurant overlooks a scenic gorge but the real excitement comes from walking on a wooden bridge suspended using ropes to get to the restaurant. Have lunch while enjoying the awesome ambience and magnificent view.

46. Shop at Maasai market (Nairobi)

If you have excellent bargaining skills, you should definitely try the cultural artifacts at Maasai market. From clothing to shields to ornaments, you will find a piece of Kenya to take back home at the Maasai market. You can find it at the High Court parking on weekends.

47. Tour Nairobi

47 Nairobi 300x200 100 Things to do in Kenya
The green city under the sun may not always get the best reputation, but it is well worth a tour. Given that it is the only capital city with a national park, there are endless activities for everyone in Nairobi. A weekend is enough to see what it has to offer. The night life is out of this world.

48. Stand tall (Nairobi)

Climb to the KICC helipad and enjoy the eagle’s view from the top. If you love views, you can be assured of getting a wonderful 360 view of Nairobi and bits of Tanzania as the wind blows on your face. Visits are allowed from 9 am to 8 pm.

49. Karen Blixen Museum (Nairobi)

The farm that was the home of the famed Out of Africa author, Karen Blixen, between 1914 and 1931 is now a museum that takes you through her life as well as a reflection of old-day Kenya. The open is only 30 minutes away from Nairobi and is open from 9am to 6pm. If you loved the book, you will definitely love a tour of the museum.

50. Drink a cold tusker

50 Tusker 121x300 100 Things to do in Kenya
Don’t leave Kenya before you drink an ice cold tusker. After walking and hiking in the sun, you will definitely appreciate a bottle of chilled local beer. Or two. If you are looking for authentically Kenyan beer then tusker is it.

51. Eat nyama choma

You know it is a good time in Kenya when you see a chunk of meat being roasted over a stove. Nyama choma is the Swahili term for roasted meat. For a memorable meal, order nyama choma and ugali at the Carnivore. Don’t forget kachumbari and a tusker to wash it down.

52. Drink coffee at Java

52 Coffee 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
Although Kenya is one of the best coffee producers in the world, Kenyans prefer to drink tea or beer. This should not stop you from drinking the world class coffee made the Java houses that have been on the rise in the past few years. The nutty AA blend will impress you.

53. Ride in a matatu

There are no words that can explain the experience of using public transport in Kenya. With graffiti, neon lights and loud music, the Kenyan public transport is like some sort of a club. This is a ride that will stick in your memory forever.

54. Eat mahindi choma on the street

54 Mahindi choma 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
If you walk down a street in any town and don’t see corn being roasted over a coal stove, then you are not in Kenya. Mahindi choma is a Kenyan snack that is delicious and easy to eat. There are no utensils; the vendor places your hot piece on a husk, and you are good to go.

55. High rope challenge (Rongai)

55 Diguna high rope course 300x200 100 Things to do in Kenya
This is for the thrill seekers and those who like overcoming challenges. Walk on ropes, cables and logs set high above the ground at the Diguna high rope course. Test your courage, strength and balance here.

56. Camp in Shimba hills(Kwale)

56 Shimba Hills 300x200 100 Things to do in Kenya
If you are looking for an elephant and antelope oriented camp, Shimba Hills will not disappoint. Sleep in a tent or RV while listening to the sounds of the night. If you are an early bird, you will catch a trail of elephants in search of food and water.

57. Get on the road

Most people fear and loath the Mombasa Highway but it has some wonderful sidetracks that make the trip worthwhile, especially if you are in an RV. You will be rewarded by the scenic view of Taita Hills, Umani Springs and Kibwezi forest.

58. Train with Maasai warriors (Narok)

58 Bush Adventures Camp 300x168 100 Things to do in Kenya
Most of your guides on safari may be dressed in trousers and shirts but don’t let that fool you. Back in the village, they wear their robes and carry a sword and spear to protect their families and livestock. The training of a moran is long and challenging. Get a 4-day sample at Bush Adventures camp in Laikipia. Your journey to becoming a warrior starts here.

59. Enjoy a festival

59 Festival 300x249 100 Things to do in Kenya
Kenya is a land of many tribes, and so are the festivals. Immerse yourself in a wealth of culture while watching the cultural diversities. The Lamu Festival, Turkana Festival and Rift Valley Festival are worth considering while planning your safari.

60. Camel safari (Nanyuki)

60 Sabuk Lodge 300x201 100 Things to do in Kenya
Join a camel train and tour the vast wilderness of Sabuk Lodge while being guided by a Samburu warrior. Experience excitement and anticipation as you come across lions, buffaloes and elephants along the way. The sound of Ewaso Nyiro River completes the feeling of oneness with the surroundings. You can choose to go on a half day excursion or the full day.

61. Walk with baboons (Il Polei)

61 Il polei Ranch 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
Scientists have proven that the primates are capable of creating relationships with baboons. Il Polei Ranch puts this concept into practice by giving you a chance to accompany a troop of baboons on an excursion in the wilderness.

62. 4×4 self-drive

62 4x4 self drive 300x290 100 Things to do in Kenya
For the real adventure, rent a 4×4 vehicle and get on the road by your own terms. Rent a sturdy Toyota Landcruiser for a week and explore most of the rural hidden parts and bushes as you would wish. A week in the Great Rift Valley is a good start. Roadtrip Kenya has good vehicles as well as 24-hour support in case you encounter any problems. Pick a map, choose a vehicle and begin your road trip.

63. Black rhino tracking (Wamba)

63 Saruni Rhino 300x200 100 Things to do in Kenya
It is a pity that the black rhino species is almost extinct. Get a chance to track some of the only remaining black rhinos on foot with the assistance of a GPS tracker at Saruni Rhino. You have to participate to understand how exciting this activity is. Don’t waste time, these black rhinos are waiting for you to chase them!

64. Ride for lions (Emali)

64 Emali 300x200 100 Things to do in Kenya
Participate in a 6-day mountain biking event across the treacherous plains of South Eastern Kenya in the Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks. Funds collected go towards protection of the declining number of lions in the area.

65. Cruise on Lake Naivasha (Naivasha)

65 Lake Naivasha 300x124 100 Things to do in Kenya
With over 400 bird species and a local oncologist to help you identify them, Lake Naivasha is exciting in a unique way. Cruise on a boat and meet hippos and other animals in the lake. The main spectacle is watching an eagle swoop low to catch fish out of the ocean.

66. Picnic on Crescent Island (Naivasha)

66 Crescent Island 300x236 100 Things to do in Kenya
Hidden from the world in Lake Naivasha, Crescent Island is a unique National Park with hundreds of bird species, gazelles, giraffes, impalas, wildebeests and hippos. The serene atmosphere on the Island makes it one of the best picnic spots in Kenya.

67. Flower farm tour (Naivasha)

67 Flower farm 300x200 100 Things to do in Kenya
Naivasha has the biggest flower farms in Kenya. The flowers are later exported to Europe. Take a tour and learn how the flowers that millions of people have used to express love are grown. An hour on the farms will teach you a lot about roses.

68. Play golf in the Great Rift Valley (Naivasha)

68 Rift Valley golf 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
Test your golf skills in an entirely different exciting environment. The Great Rift Valley Lodge has an 18-hole golf course where play is combined with bird and game watching. Make your reservations at Africa’s best golf hotel.

69. Drive to Turkana

69 Turkana 300x196 100 Things to do in Kenya
While you can fly to Turkana from Nairobi, the journey by road is just as exciting as the destination. Experience the feeling of remoteness by taking a 3-day trip to Kenya’s hot and parched desert. Park your RV to explore the numerous villages along the way.

70. Visit the cradle of mankind (Turkana)

70 Lake Turkana 300x178 100 Things to do in Kenya
The area around Lake Turkana cannot be compared to any other place on the planet. With the rocky landscape, crocodile filled lake, volcanoes and remoteness, the cradle of mankind is worth the tiring excursion. Get to see the largest human fossil in the world at Koobi Fora.

71. Shopping at the Village Market (Nairobi)

The Village Market is a shopping and recreational mall that combines Kenya’s cultural world with a modern upmarket shopping complex. From authentic Kenyan handcraft to restaurants and spas, the Village Market has something for everyone. It is located approximately 10 kilometers from the CBD.

72. 7D cinema ( Nairobi)

72 Cinema 300x169 100 Things to do in Kenya
I know Kenya is synonymous with safaris and the wild, but that does not mean you should forget modern luxury when you are here. Enjoy 7D cinema complete with weather effects and movements at Thika Road Mall. You can even feel the whoosh as the bats fly.

73. Sample different brews (Nairobi)

73 Brew Bistro 199x300 100 Things to do in Kenya
If you enjoy a good drink, you have every reason to love Kenya’s Brew Bistro. The Brew Bistro is a mini brewery where you can sample different drink flavors from numerous countries. From stout to ale to lager, there is something for everyone.

74. Family outing at Wild Waters (Mombasa)

74 Wild Waters 300x200 100 Things to do in Kenya
Treat your kids by spending a day with them at Wild Waters waterpark in Mombasa. From swings to slides to shallow water pools to cool the equatorial heat off, Wild Waters is a place your family won’t forget any time soon.

75. Nairobi safari walk (Nairobi)

75Nairobi safari walk 200x300 100 Things to do in Kenya
For those who do not have a lot of time to do a full safari, the Nairobi safari walk has got you covered. Walk through the wetlands, grasslands and woodlands as you see the animals in open enclosures. This is definitely the best activity if you have kids who can’t tackle a safari. It takes an hour and is only a few minutes from the city center.

76. Family vacation in Lamu

76 South coast 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
Located on the south coast, Lamu has the capability to offer you and your family a slice of paradise. Book a hotel by the beach or rent a beach house and enjoy an escape from your normal life.

77. Nature walk in Kakamega Forest (Kakamega)

77 Kakamega Forest 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
If you are a lover of nature, take a walk in Kenya’s only equatorial rainforest and see some of Africa’s best hardwoods and softwoods. A typical walk in the forest takes 3 hours. With a wealth of flora, enormous amphibians and orchids sitting on branches, the forest is definitely worth a trip.

78. Mount Kenya safari club (Nanyuki)

78 Mt Kenya Region 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
The days of Ernest Hemingway narrating his tall tales or having to fight a pet Leopard for a seat in Mount Kenya safari club may be long gone, but the beauty is still intact. If the view of the majestic Mt Kenya isn’t enough for you the animal orphanage, manicured lawns and greenery should provide enough activities for you and your family.

79. Learn Samburu culture at El Karama Eco Lodge (Nanyuki)

79 El Karama 200x300 100 Things to do in Kenya
If you are taking a trip with your family, then this is one of the places you must visit. Your kids will get a chance to familiarize with Samburu culture, learn how to mold termite clay and even how to track wild animals. Camping by the river is a topping.

80. Try your hand at beading in Kazuri (Nairobi)

80 African beading 300x275 100 Things to do in Kenya
If you appreciate local art and craft, then Kazuri Bead Factory in Nairobi will blow your mind. Learn how the stunning jewels in the market are made. You never know, your veins may be full of creative juice.

81. Participate in a conservation project

81 Environment conservation 300x169 100 Things to do in Kenya
You can decide to take a week or even a month to volunteer in a wildlife conservation project in Kenya. This is packed with loads of fun especially if you volunteer as a group. Enjoy yourself while fulfilling a noble cause.

82. Lord Egerton’s Castle (Nakuru)

In the 1950s Lord Maurice Egerton built an expensive castle where he intended to live with his fiancé. Unfortunately, it seems the gods of love were not on his side. The history of the castle will teach you a few lessons about love and heartbreaks.

83. Viewpoint at Iten (Eldoret)

83 Rift Valley 300x200 100 Things to do in Kenya
Apart from the fact that most of the world’s greatest long distance runners hail from this place, Iten is arguably an ordinary Kenyan shopping center. But a drive a few kilometers from the center will give you something you can’t get anywhere else. You will find a view of the Rift Valley that will literally take your breath away.

84. Serenity on Mt Marsabit (Marsabit)

84 Crater lake 300x169 100 Things to do in Kenya
Sometimes you don’t want to go to the crowded areas buzzing with tourists. Located in the semi-arid northern Kenya, Mt Marsabit is a whole package. With three crater lakes, a national park and dozens of “singing” wells, the mist swathed mountain is an ultimate destination.

85. Lake Victoria (Kisumu)

85 Lake Victoria 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
This is another less crowded gem hidden in western Kenya. It serves as a border between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda as well as the source of Africa’s largest river. There is enough fish in the lake to serve the three countries and the daybreak here is unforgettable.

86. Camp at Maji Moto (Keekorok)

86 Maasai operated camp 300x200 100 Things to do in Kenya
Between the Grift Rift Valley and the world renowned Maasai Mara lies the Maji Moto Eco Camp surrounded by magnificent hills, secret waterfalls and rolling plains. The camp is operated by local Maasai people and will serve you a good portion of life in the jungle. Book your space .

87. Mobile safari

87 Mobile Safari 300x180 100 Things to do in Kenya
Forget the luxury of hotels, live the life of a real nomad and get to sleep anywhere the night finds you. If roaring lions and laughing hyenas outside your tent creep you then this might not be for you. Join a 10 day safari for the traditional camping experience.

88. Challenge yourself at Thomson falls (Nyahururu)

88 Thompson Falls 200x300 100 Things to do in Kenya
Thomson falls in Nyahururu provides a wonderful view from the top into the falls and the rugged landscape surrounding it. If you have what it takes, walk to the bottom of the fall and hike back up. This usually takes 30 minutes. Beware of the playful monkeys on the track.

89. Sundowner in the Aberdares (Ndaragwa)

89 Aberdare 300x200 100 Things to do in Kenya
After a busy day out, enjoy a quiet evening sipping a drink by the river looking at the scenic view of the Aberdare ranges and watching the sunset. You may be visited by skyes monkeys and the black rhino.

90. Spend a night at treetops (Nyeri)

90 Treetops Lodge 300x172 100 Things to do in Kenya
Visit the place where a princess became Queen Elizabeth II in 1952. Treetops Lodge is right along a migratory path used by elephants as they move from Mt Kenya to the Aberdares. Sit at the balcony and watch animals drinking from the waterhole below you.

91. Quad biking in Kipsing (Isiolo)

91 Quadbike Safari 300x145 100 Things to do in Kenya
If you want to treat yourself a unique experience, then a thrilling quad bike trip on the elephant trodden routes of Kipsing should be on your bucket list. The terrain is smooth enough for beginners, and the surroundings are stunning. Get your customized package and explore the north.

92. Hide away in Rutundu (Nyeri)

For the real getaway from the fast paced urban life, no place can beat the Rutundu log cabins. Enjoy fishing at Lake Rutundu and cook your fish back in your cabin. These cabins on the slopes of Mt Kenya offer a great scenery and a tranquil atmosphere. So amazing that Prince William decided to get married here.

93. Honeymoon on Leopard Beach (Diani)

93 Beach honeymoon 300x213 100 Things to do in Kenya
If you are looking for a honeymoon haven that will stick in your memory for life, look no more. Leopard beach will welcome you to married life in style. From a wonderful view of the ocean to the breeze to villas with private pools, this place is simply unforgettable.

94. Fourteen falls (Thika)

94 Fourteen Falls 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
As the name suggests, this is a series of fourteen waterfalls along River Athi in Thika. But the real excitement comes from watching daring souls diving from the top and plunging into the water below.

95. Cliff diving at Lake Bogoria (Baringo)

If you have what it takes to throw yourself from rocky cliffs high above, this one is for you. Walk to the top of the cliff, look down if you dare and then take a leap into the freezing waters below.

96. Flyboarding (Diani)

96 Flyboarding 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
For a heart pounding moment, this extreme watersport comes highly recommended. Experience an adrenaline pumping moment at Pinewood Resort in Diani as you literally fly above the ocean. Join this team for a great experience.

97. Base jumping at Hell’s Gate (Naivasha)

If you enjoy the thrill of free fall then you will love Hell’s Gate. Jump from the top of a 420-meter rock with a parachute that will only open 20 meters to the ground. If this won’t give you the thrill you are looking for, nothing will.

98. Zip lining (Nairobi)

98 Zip lining Kereita 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
Word has it that this is the best activity to help you de stress. Travel at speeds of up to 60kph on a cable that is over 400 meters long in Kereita Forest. One thing for sure, you will forget your troubles for a moment.

99. Harsh life at Lake Magadi (Magadi)

99 Lake Magadi 300x225 100 Things to do in Kenya
For a dose of adventure and harsh wild life, Lake Magadi is second to none. Live in a hut or a tent while listening to animals roaming throughout the night. Reward yourself with a swim in the hot springs early before sunrise.

100. Spa in the wilderness (Narok)

100 Spa Safari 300x129 100 Things to do in Kenya
Who said wild life has to be tough? Get a good mixture of bush life and luxury complete with spa and massage. After a busy day hiking and watching game, relax by the pool and let the gifted hands do their magic. Go to Bushtops for a good pampering session.
I can go on and on talking about all the awesome things you can do in Kenya. From the Savannah grasslands to the sandy beaches and jagged snow-capped peaks, this small East African country is the gift that never stops giving. See you there!

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Face to Face With Some Great Adventures

Face to Face With Some Great Adventures

7fb27255 4ce8 4df4 b0f6 cae5ff0f9f8b Face to Face With Some Great Adventures









Don’t get us wrong, we love our Land Cruisers as much as our clients do.  And there is little that can surpass the adrenaline rush of clients on safari witnessing their first sighting of a male Lion standing proud in all his glory.But it gets better.  Clients no longer have to remain within the confines of the safari cruiser for the entire duration of their safari.  There are some great adventures that can be had by dedicating a few hours in the itinerary to exit the comfort of the vehicle… and go face to face with nature. 

Arusha National Park Canoeing

c89080d4 bf20 4273 b0e5 b2c254a8c3c7 Face to Face With Some Great Adventures 
Enjoy a peaceful and scenic canoeing safari following the shorelines of Momella Lake, under the shadow of Mt. Meru.  View buffaloes, bushbuck, giraffes, hippos and many water birds living in and close to the water.



Lake Manyara Cycling

An easy cycle ride down the Great Rift Valley wall; into the farming village of Mto Wa Mbu. Experience local cultures from the bike, ride through some of the Manyara ground water forest and between small herds of wildlife on the lake shore. We can include a local lunch for your guests, prepared by a lady in the village.

 Waterfalls & Elephant Caves

32103e3e b225 4a50 953d 3a27079589b3 Face to Face With Some Great Adventures
On this two hour hike through the forested slopes of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area you will discover a magnificent waterfall and incredible elephant caves created by elephants digging up the earth and ingesting the mineral rich soil.  You may see buffalo, bushbuck, waterbuck and baboons, also attracted by the soil.


Walking safaris in Serengeti and Arusha National Park

1b0492a5 3bcb 4cbe 962e d6799b411366 Face to Face With Some Great Adventures 
Walking is a wonderful way to get close to nature and to learn about some of the smaller species and ecosystems.  The walk is slow paced, stopping under shade to hear interesting facts from your knowledgeable guide. Walks are offered to guests aged 16 and over.



Village Walk in Mto wa Mbu / Karatu

d53bf3dc e902 435c b5f5 b866e6d2835d Face to Face With Some Great Adventures
Visit Mto Wa Mbu village for a great cultural experience with an experienced English-speaking guide who grew up in the village! Visit local farms, schools, a kindergarten, local homes, the market and milling machines. A similar experience can be arranged in Karatu, popular for overnight stays before visiting the Ngorongoro Crater.


Night Game Drive in Lake Manyara / Serengeti / Tarangire

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A unique perspective on the National Parks with an opportunity for sighting nocturnal animals.  Lion sightings are more common and where lions are mostly sleeping in the day time, at night they are almost always active!  At Lake Manyara the drive is done inside the park, whereas other parks is in private concessions on the border (available from select camps).


Erosion Control Tree-Planting

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Hundreds of young tree saplings (predominantly native species) are grown at Gibbs Farm in Karatu, as part of an effort to help control erosion and reforest the environment. Over the last 15 years, much of the farm’s estate forests have been restored through this program. Join in on an excursion to transport young trees from the farm nursery and plant them in community schoolyards and other environments.


Coffee Tour in Arusha

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Offered from select hotels in and around Arusha
This tour on the foothills of Mount Meru will allow your clients to witness first hand the process of washing and drying coffee beans on the farms. The guide explains how the bean is nurtured, harvested, dried and finally roasted to produce a myriad of different blends that sate the taste of the most ardent of coffee connoisseurs.


Hiking Empakai Crater

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Located in northern Ngorongoro, Empakai is a mysterious crater with a lake below where flamingos can be sighted throughout the year. With no road access, exploration is on foot only for those seeking a thrilling hike in the Crater Highlands.  This can be done as a half day excursion from various Ngorongoro properties.


Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Serengeti and Tarangire

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Although this is a popular and well known excursion, what many are unaware of is that this excursion is available in central, south, north and western Serengeti in various seasons, as well as in Tarangire.  Regardless of where your clients are staying, this is a great way to offer them a birds eye safari!






Current global travel trends indicate an increased preference in soft adventure.  The above ideas offer great short experiential travel add-on’s while ensuring authentic and responsible tourism practices.


Sheldricks, Karen Blixen & Giraffe Center

The David Sheldricks Wildlife Trust, Karen Blixen Museum & Giraffe Center

The David Sheldrick Trust  18 Sheldricks, Karen Blixen & Giraffe Center

Highlights:The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a small, flexible charity, established in 1977 to honour to memory of a famous Naturalist, David Leslie William Sheldrick MBE, the founder Warden of Tsavo East National Park in Kenya, where he served from its inception in 1948 until his transfer to Nairobi in 1976 to head the Planning Unit of the newly created Wildlife Conservation & Management Department.

David died 6 months later but his legacy of excellence and the systems he installed for the management of Tsavo and wildlife generally in Kenya, particularly in the sphere of wildlife husbandry and ethics, lives on.

These babies have lost their mothers to poaching, death, injuries, on getting lost in the wild or other tragedies. Daphne and her dedicated staff raise them to be released back into the wild when they are ready. It’s worth visiting and witness the humanitarian care to the wildlife and the heart it takes to care. They charge a small entrance fee, instead you can buy a souvenir or donate for the conservation.

The Giraffe Center

%name Sheldricks, Karen Blixen & Giraffe Center

The Giraffe Center was started by Jock Leslie-Melville, the Kenyan grandson of a Scottish Earl, when he and his wife Betty captured a baby giraffe to start a programme of breeding giraffe in captivity at their home in Langata – home of the present centre. Since then the programme has had huge success, resulting in the introduction of several breeding pairs of Rothschild Giraffe into Kenyan national parks. The Giraffe Centre is located Langata, approximately 5 km from the centre of Nairobi, Kenya.

It was established in order to protect the endangered Rothschild giraffe, giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi, that is found only in the grasslands of Africa. In 1979, Leslie-Melville added an education centre to his (then still private) giraffe sanctuary.

By 1983 he had raised enough money to establish the Giraffe Visitor’s Centre as a tourist destination in Nairobi. The center is also home to several warthogs which freely roam the area along with the giraffes. The main attraction for visitors is feeding giraffes from a raised observation platform.

Drive towards the Nairobi National Park to Sheldrick Baby Elephant Orphanage which is open 1 hr daily. You can visit between 11am and 12 noon every day, and see the elephants being fed and playing. In addition, there is a keeper who will give a talk about the elephants, where they came from, how they are getting on, and how some of the previous orphans are progressing. You can get really close to the elephants. The orphanage also takes in rhinos and so if you are lucky you will get the chance to see a young rhino.

Karen Blixen Museum

Karen Blixen Museum Sheldricks, Karen Blixen & Giraffe Center

Located 30 kilometres from Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the Karen Blixen Museum is situated on a farm at the base of the Ngong Hills. The museum takes its name from its Danish owner Karen Blixen and stands as a marvellous reflection of what Kenya was like many years ago.

Karen Blixen, who married Baron Bror van Blixen Fincke, first gained international attention in 1985 when the Oscar winning movie ‘Out of Africa’, starring Robert Redford and Meryl Streep was released. The film, ‘Out of Africa’ is based on Karen’s autobiography with the same title and tells the story of a Danish baroness who owns a plantation in 20th century colonial Kenya and centres around her passionate love affair with a free-spirited big-game hunter, Denys Finch Hatton.

Cost Includes:

  • Service of an English speaking driver guide
  • Transport based on a safari Minivan vehicle with pop up roof for game viewing
  • Driver allowances and park fees for vehicle and driver where applicable
  • Any applicable taxes

Cost Excludes:

  • Entrance fees where applicable
  • Extras –tips, drinks or any other personal expenses
  • Entrance fees where applicable
  • Extras – tips, drinks or any other personal expenses

Be Part of the Adventure Action in African Savanna!

Be Part of the Adventure Action in African Savanna

African Adventure Be Part of the Adventure Action in African Savanna!

Each day, the drama of the animal kingdom plays out across the forests, jungles, savannah plains, and rivers of Africa. This is a place like no other, where you can see elephants on patrol, cheetahs on the prowl, crocodiles lying in wait, and wildebeests on the stampede. And Nature Bound Africa knows just where the action’s at, so when you’re with us, there’s no better seat in the house. You’ll feel like you’re truly part of the action. 
Welcome to Africa!

Baby Cheetah in Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya Africa 1 Be Part of the Adventure Action in African Savanna!

There’s nothing in this world like waking up as the sun crests over the plains of the African savannah, hearing the chips of the birds overhead, listening to the hoots of monkeys in the trees, and the thunder of hooves on the plain knowing you’re in for a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Check out our wildlife tours to East Africa Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda to see how these experiences and many more can soon become a reality.
Elegant Accommodations

Mashatu lodge Be Part of the Adventure Action in African Savanna!

With fascinating ambiance and unique African charm, the accommodation you’ll find with Nature Bound Africa is both elegant, and personal. You’ll be staying in historic hotels converted from former palace guesthouses, ancestral mansions, wild safari tented camps, or merchant town houses typical of the East African coast. 
Africa’s Central Highlands

Dawn on Lake Victoria Uganda Be Part of the Adventure Action in African Savanna!

Rwanda and Uganda are two of Africa’s undiscovered jewels. Swim in the crystal clear waters of Lake Victoria, discover unspoiled island paradises on the Indian Ocean, experience fantastic snorkeling and diving, explore the intriguing colonial history, and get up close with the abundant wildlife in the national parks. It’s all here. Where are you? 
Get to Know Our Primate Cousins

Rwanda Uganda Gorilla Tracking Tours Gorilla Watching Congo Be Part of the Adventure Action in African Savanna!

Climb into the misty cloud forests above Central Africa as you go in search of our closest relatives, monkeys, chimpanzees, and the elusive mountain gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda’s mountainous highlands. There’s nothing quite like looking into the eyes of these great primates, and watching as they play with their young, forage for food, and swing between the high branches of the great jungle trees to truly understand just how connected we are with the animal kingdom.

Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

giraffe manor kenya Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

When you think about luxury travel, what comes to mind? Gold plated planes with the world’s most beautiful air hostesses, serving you caviar on silver platters? Well, the caviar, the silver platters and the air hostesses can stay. The gold plated plane is a bit much, though.

The truth is, luxurious travel really depends on the traveller. Some of us find luxury in the simplest of things. Others, however, have to be surrounded by silver and gold before they can rate anything as ‘luxurious’. Whatever your definition of luxurious travel, there are some destinations in Kenya that will just…mesmerize you! To say the least, here are 20 of the most luxurious things you can do in Kenya.

1. Fly to Space at Mahali Mzuri Kenya Safari Camp

mahalimzuri3 Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

This amazingly unique camp site is owned by Sir Richard Branson, the prodigious entrepreneur and the founder of Virgin Group. That alone should tell you that there is nothing ordinary about this place. It has 12 spaceship shaped tents that are set in the breathtaking backdrop of the one and only, Masai Mara. This is the camp site you go to when you want to bring your modern world into the wilderness. There is complementary laundry services, Wi-Fi in every tent and even iPads are available for guests to use. Visit: Mahali Mzuri Safari Camp

2. Experience Nature with Riding Safari – ‘Ride Kenya’ at Ol Donyo Lodge

ol donyo lodge chyulu hills national park kenya 39 safari 1 Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

If your idea of luxury is experiencing life in its most natural and easy going form, then this is for you. Ride Kenya is no doubt one of the most adventurous and luxurious things to do in Kenya. The riding safari offers boundless access to one of the largest regions of Africa, from dry lakebeds of Amboseli in the east to the grand Chyulu Hills in the west, with Mount Kilimanjaro overlooking the breathtaking range of ecosystems. Guests are offered a chance to enjoy bush walks, game drives and ride on well-schooled horses during the riding safari, plus they get to have a safe and close encounters with the wildlife during the mobile safari.

Now, let’s talk about a luxury trip in its most basic definition. Beautiful surroundings with absolute exclusivity and a team of caterers that has nothing else to do but cater to your every need. These are the kinds of places that will have you spending an obscene amount of money in a frighteningly short amount of time. But for those who know what they want and deserve, there is no other way to live. Visit: Ride Kenya

3. Pamper Yourself at Alfajiri Villas – Diani

Alfajiri Villas 2 Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

These are some of the most exclusive villas in the Kenyan cost. Every villa has absolute privacy and enjoys an elevated view of the beautiful Indian Ocean. These villas are serviced by some of the best chefs in the coast and the support staff is very highly trained. Here, you will be treated as royalty. Visit: Alfajiri Villas

4. Sample the Best of the Best at Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa – Diani

diani reef Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

This is the hands-down favourite of many luxury travellers who visit Diani Beach. Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa is set on 35 acres of nothing but paradise. A private beach, 143 luxurious rooms that have everything you can reasonably dream of and excursion packages that make your visit to Kenya one to remember. Visit: Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa

5. Get the Best Out of Africa at Bateleur Camp in Kichwa Tembo – Masai Mara

bateleur camp at kichwa tembo Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

Have you ever seen ‘Out of Africa’? If not, try and watch it. It is a wonderful movie that will show you just how beautiful Kenya is. You must be wondering what this has to do with the camp site. Well, most of it was shot here. This place will take your breath away and never give it back. Oh, did we mention you get a private butler?

6. Feed the Rothschild Giraffe at Giraffe Manor – Nairobi

giraffe manor kenya Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

Giraffe Manor resonates the ancient British aristocracy. It’s a 140 acres conservancy that it is built on is as lush as it is breathtaking. Most mornings and evenings you will have some unusual visitors (the 8 Rothschild Giraffe) that reside on this conservancy. They come to see what the visitors are up to and to find out if you are willing to share some of your snacks. It is an all-round, wonderful experience in a very exclusive location. Visit: Giraffe Manor

7. Distinguish Yourself at Fairmont The Norfolk – Nairobi

Fairmont The Norfolk – Nairobi Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

This is by far one of the most prestigious and well respected establishments in the city of Nairobi. Fairmont The Norfolk is a luxury hotel with modern touch, Kenyan charm and and a distinctive personality. The Norfolk has been a staple for Kenya’s elite society for over a hundred years now. Kenyan luxury safaris begin here! Visit:Fairmont The Norfolk

8. Experience Exclusivity at Loisaba Luxury Safari Camp – Rift Valley

LoisabaTentedCamp Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

This is an outstandingly beautiful luxury safari camp located in private wilderness ranch in Nanyuki, Rift Valley . You can choose to either stay at the house, the lodge or the cottage. All of their accommodation is authentically African and reeks of pure luxury. They have an on sight spa that will wash and massage all you worries away. You will get a chance to sleep under the undisturbed Kenyan skies in one of their beautiful star-beds. Visit: Loisaba

9. Pay Tribute to Elsa The Lioness at Elsa’s Kopje – Meru National Park

Elsas Kopje Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

Elsa’s Kopje is renowned as one of the most outstandingly elegant lodges in all of Africa. Each one of the 8 suites blends in perfectly with the hilly surroundings and has an exclusive view of the rocky hillside that they are built on. This is where Elsa the Lioness, from ‘Born Free’ lived. Visit: Elsa’s Kopje

10. Get Specific at Cottar’s 1920’s Camp – Masai Mara

cottars lodge Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

Remember when we spoke of ‘gold plated planes’? Well, the Cottar’s 1920’s Camp has more ‘gold’ than that plane. The camp has 3 Gold Level Guides (qualified by the Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association). It has also been awarded the Gold standard by the Kenya Ecotourism Society. But, all that aside, the camp provides bespoke safaris. This means everything is tailored to your every desire and sprinkled with a healthy helping of luxury dust on top. Visit: Cottar’s Camp

11. Be Uncompromising at The Msambweni Beach House – Mombasa

msambweni Beach House Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

Picture this, if you will; 700 feet of private, white sandy beach, a lush garden, a view of the turquoise blue Indian Ocean from a 40 feet high cliff and an infinity pool that will make you sea sick (in a good way). This is what you will get at the Msambweni Beach House. With 28 acres of natural tropical land and private transfers, this is where luxury comes to get away from compromise. Visit: Msambweni Beach House

12. Get an undefined luxury at the Tribe Hotel – Gigiri, Nairobi

tribe hotel Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

Do not let the title fool you; there is nothing tribal about the Tribe Hotel. That is, unless you come from the 1% tribe. The Tribe Hotel is luxury redefined. Located in Gigiri, which is one of the most upscale living districts in Kenya, The Tribe Hotel offers nothing but the best. It is just next to The Village Market, which is East Africa’s Premier shopping mall. The rooms here are impossibly beautiful and only serve up rarefied….everything! Visit: Tribe Hotels

13. Get a Taste of Dubai in Nairobi’s Caramel Restaurant & Lounge – ABC Place

caramel restaraunt Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

Dubai is perhaps the epitome of luxurious living in this planet. And with good reason! The UAE, as a region, has an obscene amount of money. This is exactly the kind of luxury that the Caramel Restaurant & Lounge brings to Nairobi. This luxurious restaurant is located at ABC place, Waiyaki Way, Westlands. If you want to know just how exclusive this place is, there is a bottle of Remy Martin Louis VIII there that goes for over 1.2 million Ksh. (well over $ 13,000). Here, you can enjoy foods and drinks that will drive your pallet wild. Visit: Caramel Restaurant and Lounge

14. Get Homely at Palacina The Residence & The Suites – Nairobi

%name Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

This is one establishment that combines a 5 star status with a homely feel. This is not your regular hotel. The Palacina, is family owned and run in the same manner. Here the luxury accorded to you is punctuated with a homely and loving touch from both the staff and owners. You can choose to stay at the suites, for short visits or at the residence for those staying for a period longer than a month. Visit: Palacina, The Residence & The Suites

15. Party like A Kenyan Celebrity at Galileo Lounge- Westlands, Nairobi

Galileo Lounge Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

Galileo Lounge is one of the most popular night clubs in Nairobi. This is where the who’s who of Kenya come to unwind. It has a wonderful atmosphere and several VIP lounges. Most nights, the VIP lounges are difficult to get into because many politicians, TV and radio personalities lay claim to them. There is a huge variety of drinks and tasty delicacies to enjoy.

16. Live Like Royalty at The Majlis Hotel – Lamu

The Majlis royal suite Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

There aren’t enough words to describe this hotel. Idyllic, unique, stylish, luxurious, exclusive….all these pale in comparison to what Majlis has to offer. The hotel has the perfect view of Lamu and the Indian Ocean that acts as its front yard. This is a destination hat has the perfect blend of Swahili culture, Western amenities and pure luxury. Visit: Majlis Resort

17. Get The Palatial Experience at Ol Donyo Lodge – Chyulu Hills

ol donyo lodge bedroom 1 Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

Ol Donyo Lodge is a luxury safari lodge located in Chyulu Hills National Park, Makueni County. If you are going to go all natural, then you want to do it at Ol Donyo Wuas. Any one of their ten luxurious suites will give you an unparalleled view of the expansive plains by its door step and the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro. Ol Donyo Lodge has managed to blend princely living with an authentic bush experience that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Visit: Ol Donyo Lodge

18. Visit The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille – Nanyuki

Sanctuary at Ol Lentille – Nanyuki Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

The snow-caped peaks of Mt. Kenya; Ol Olokwe, the sacred mountain of the Samburu people; Karisa hills; and the breath taking Matthew Ranges. These are just some the things that make up your view when you visit The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille. This is not even luxury anymore. It is decadence. The four houses within this sanctuary are heart-stopping luxurious with privacy and lush surroundings being the order of the day. The international in-house chef will serve you anything you want, any time you want. If that is not good living, then we do not know the meaning of the phrase. Visit: The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille

19. See Nairobi from The Rooftop Lounge and Cocktails – Sankara, Westlands

Sankara Nairobi Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

Sankara, Nairobi is one of the best, and newest, hotels in the city. Just by looking at it, you know that Sankara is in a class of its own. From the neatly dressed and exceptionally polite valets, to the professional wait and hotel staff, the Sankara will give you all that you deserve. If one of the things you deserve happens to be a beautiful view of Nairobi’s skyline and impeccably prepared cocktails, then there is nowhere better than the Rooftop Lounge that just so happens to be a poolside bar. Visit: Sankara

20. Sit Back at The Crystal Bar – Panari Hotel, Nairobi

Crystal Bar Luxurious Things To Do In Kenya

As we mentioned earlier, sometime the most luxurious things are the simplest of them all. Although, The Crystal Bar is located at one of Kenya’s premier hotels, Panari, the bar itself tries to be as simple as can be. Shinny glasses, expertly prepared cocktails, Wi-Fi and an outstanding view of the Nairobi National Park. This is where you come to just…chill! Visit: Panari Hotels

Depending on your definition of luxury, there is a host of things and places that you could visit within this magnificent country. The best part is that, wherever you go, you will find some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. People who are easy to smile and more than willing to help you learn Swahili! It is about time you gave yourself a treat, have the best vacation by enjoying the luxurious things Kenya has to offer. 

Have you enjoyed the luxurious things to do in Kenya? Share your experience with us in the comment below: 

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