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Rwanda where Africa comes together

The land of a Thousand Hills sits sits at the hub of East Africa. It is here that deep volcanic forces tear the continental plates apart revealing an exquisite beauty where you will wake up to a golden lit sky splashed with mist; you will certainly feel a rush of cool, sweet, fresh air brush against your face.

Bridging the ecosystems of the Congo and the Great Rift Valley of the east you will find a home to the biological riches of both worlds.
Reaching the depths of the cradle of the mountain gorillas and staring into the eyes of these gentle giants you will discover a different form of “man”.

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  • The East Africa Wildlife Safari Expedition

    East Africa Wildlife Safari Expedition – 20 Days

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  • lakve tour1

    Jewels of Rwanda – 12 Days

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  • rwanda-22

    Rwanda Cultural Tour & Gorilla Tracking – 10 Days

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  • 30278_117151598327149_7286318_n

    Rwanda Gorilla Tracking & Bird Watching Tour – 7 Days

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  • wonders of nature throughout Rwanda

    Rwanda Mountain Gorillas Trek – 3 Days

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  • 282875_193992737412004_1628680523_n

    Rwanda Primate Experience – 7 Days

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  • strect mt-gorilla

    Taste of African Safari Vacation to Rwanda – 10 Days

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  • National-Volcanoes-gorillas-960x350

    Uganda & Rwanda Jungle Safari – 12 Days

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  • 420606_10151368619081513_481174299_n

    Uganda Big Catch Safari – 7 Days

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