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Why You Should Combine Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro With An African Safari

Why You Should Combine Why You Should Combine Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro With An African Safari

At the point when explorers come to Africa, they are most amped up for participating in safari activities that are equipped for spiking the adrenaline surge even inside a typical vacationer. In the African Safari activities, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is the best one since achieving the summit of world’s most astounding free-standing mountain is incredibly fulfilling and whatever you are going to see and learn en route is out stunning. As you are voyaging most of the way around the globe for this climbing experience, then why not make it a large portion likewise taking a safari after the trip is finished. Truly, other than Kilimanjaro, there are a few world-class national stops in Northern Tanzania.

What climbers should expect from a combo pack?



What To Expect On A Kili Hike And Safari

What to Expect On A Kili Hike And Safari Why You Should Combine Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro With An African Safari

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro itself is a life-changing event but after combining it with an African Wildlife Safari makes the trip something truly miraculous & awesome:-

1)    Trekkers can visit the Maasai villages & stand on one of the highest points on the earth. While on game drives, you can encounter both the predator as well as the prey on the plains as well as watching jaw-dropping views of freezing glaciers & mountains.

2)    Besides all that quality oriented accommodations, going with Nature Bound Africa guides & countless unforgettable experiences are what any traveller can expect when combining Kilimanjaro climb with an African safari.

3)    The African Wildlife Safari adventure in Tanzania brings individuals, families & couples to the sacred plains of Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater & Serengeti.        

Exotic Wildlife In Tanzania

Exotic Wildlife In Tanzania Why You Should Combine Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro With An African Safari

The exotic wildlife inside the national parks of Tanzania will open the door containing an unexplored world.

1)    While on the African Safari Tours the tourists can watch the Tanzanian guides using their immense encyclopaedic knowledge about the areas they explore. Whether it is enjoying a hot air balloon or game driving through the Serengeti, visitors will learn a lot about Tanzania’s endemic species after going through the Kilimanjaro climb.

2)    Interestingly, even while climbing Kilimanjaro many hikers will be able to spot tree hyraxes, Colobus monkeys as well as agama lizards, Hartlaub’s turacos & other rare forms of wildlife. 

3)    There is no end to exotic wildlife viewing while on African Safari in Tanzania. It is also a perfect way to view game such as the Big Five -lions, elephants, buffalo, leopard & rhino. In addition to that, you can also see secretary birds, bushbuck, Zebra & wildebeest.        

Because Of It Will Save Money

Because Of It Will Save Money Why You Should Combine Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro With An African Safari

Now signing up for such a combo tour also saves a lot of money.

1)    Off course, combining two holidays into one will save you the cost associated with flying back to your home later. For instance, someone living in Australia, US & Europe will have to incur a huge cost that can hit anywhere around $3500 dollars to $4000 dollars while booking flights for Africa.

2)    Furthermore, travellers can also save money from booking tours as a combo or bundle deal.  It is completely up to the customer to decide if he wants to take a one day package, 2-3 days package or four days package.

3)    In fact, we at Nature Bound Africa help tourists a lot in saving money by showing them some of the affordable packages that are suitable for their African Safari Tour.

Because After Climbing Kilimanjaro You Deserve A Damn Good Reward

After Climbing Kilmanjaro Why You Should Combine Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro With An African Safari

Actually, everyone who is climbing the mountain should be rewarded, here’s why:-

1)    First of all, it is a non-technical mountain making even the climb a non-technical one, but in no way, it’s an easy climb because a climber has to face numerous difficulties like high altitude sickness, unpredictable weather and many more.

2)    It is a type of mountain that is capable of pushing anyone to limits and draining them emotionally & physically and in order to complete the climb on such a mountain, one will need an incredible will power & patience like anything.

3)    For this reason, the views itself are a big reward for those who make it to the top beside getting the success of climbing to the top.        

Booking With Nature Bound Africa

This is what you will get after booking with Nature Bound Africa are as follows:-

Now booking with Nature Bound Africa for African Safari is the best source in the region to book for Kilimanjaro trekking plus safaris, as we have various options & packages that will help you in combining a climb with a full-fledged safari tour.

Apart from that, we will also let you compare multiple routes and offer you a free quote so you and every other backpacker can choose the best fit at the best prices. In fact, you can also use this interactive site for selecting your limitations and preferences and narrow down the trip by tailor making the package.

Please contact us @ to know more about Kilimanjaro & its routes and the packages are mouth-watering enough that you will not mind booking any one of them while on your first visit to the site. You can also go through our other blogs as well by visiting our page @


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