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How To Save Money On Your Tanzania Safari Tours 2019?

Taking Tanzania Safari Tours is an adventure that will keep you captivated and at the edge of your seat. The Tanzania Safari flaunts a remarkable wildlife experience and is seemingly a standout among Africa’s best safari encounters you will ever have. When anybody thinks about the customary African safari, it is dependably the wild scenery and great excellence of Tanzania. With 16 national parks, 29 game reserves, and 40 conservation areas, you will most likely completely drench yourself in the genuine African nature involvement with outstanding Tanzania Tours.

•    Book Local Safari Operator

1 1 How To Save Money On Your Tanzania Safari Tours 2019?

There are numerous websites offering online safari offers that are based outside Tanzania, most generally in the UK and USA, offering astronomic prices and really don’t have any offices in Tanzania. They hire local agencies, which means you will be overpaying for Tanzanian safari as they just take a gigantic commission for carrying the clients to third-party operators.

•    Travel During The Off Season

On the off chance that you truly need to save money on Tanzania Safari Tours, this tip requests a compensation: select low season when prices are lower, you probably can even witness wildebeest migration and you will, in any case, appreciate these creatures in their natural surroundings. Going to safari in Tanzania in low season doesn’t mean you will not perceive any of them.

•    Select Lesser Visited Destination

2 1 How To Save Money On Your Tanzania Safari Tours 2019?

When venturing out make a point to visit the lesser visited parks so that there would be less crowd and furthermore the prices would be somewhat less expensive however you would be ensured to observe a similar dimension of creatures. For instance, Tarangire is a mystery jewel and once you will see it you will comprehend what a bewildering place it is.

•    Flexibility-Don’t Book In Advance

 Booking a safari outside of the nation from an internet travel agent is the most costly approach to take a safari. Having time and flexibility to work things out without booking ahead of time is the first and foremost approach to save money on an African safari!

•    Join A Group

3 1 How To Save Money On Your Tanzania Safari Tours 2019?

Another approach to spare yourself a few dollars is to just get in touch with your tour operator and join any of the accessible groups. The groups are ceaselessly accessible throughout the entire year. Another favorable advantage of group safaris organized by Nature Bound Africa is that we just permit most extreme 4-8 approx. individuals in a group. We need you to appreciate and be open to amid your lifetime excursion to Tanzania.

   Stay In A Tent

If you are on a restricted budget, be courageous once in a lifetime, accept camping safari as luxury lodges only just add to the expense. Don’t be afraid of camping: all our camping safaris in Tanzania are inside protected campsites with all important facilities. Furthermore, we give you new and clean tents, sleeping bags, decent camping chairs, including a cook that will prepare for all of your meals.

•    Bring Your Own Food

4 1 How To Save Money On Your Tanzania Safari Tours 2019?

Food and drinks are luxuries that can be much overpriced as they are necessities and there are not very numerous choices while in a National Park. Some safari packages will incorporate food, but if not, an incredible method to save some money is by bringing your own.

Each day, the drama of the animal kingdom plays over the forests, jungles, savannah plains, and rivers of Africa. This is a spot like no other, where you can see elephants on patrol, cheetahs sneaking around, crocodiles lying in wait, and wildebeests on the charge. And, Nature Bound Africa knows exactly where the action’s at, so when you’re with us, there’s no better seat in the house. You’ll feel like you’re really part of the activity. By picking Nature Bound Africa, you’re guaranteeing that your Tanzania Safari Tours satisfies your imagination. We furnish you with individually tailored experiences, master guides, energizing itineraries, quality accommodation, with probably the most reasonable prices in Africa. For more info visit us at

Must Know Tips If You Want To Avoid Failure in African Photographic Safaris

Planning an African Photographic Safaris is regularly the beginning of a trip of a lifetime and a blessing from heaven for any keen photographer. The Opportunity to get very close with extraordinary creatures, in their natural habitat, with the backdrop of a Kenyan sunset or the big skies of Tanzania, offers tempting open doors for some incredible shots. Nonetheless, just as arranging the list of must-see animals, along with the tips on how to avoid failures should be top of the list of things to sort out soon after you’ve booked your trip.

  • Study your Camera

1 Must Know Tips If You Want To Avoid Failure in African Photographic Safaris

Put investments into a decent SLR camera and a couple of lenses. The best camera set up for natural life photography incorporates, at any rate, a 300mm lens since anything less will simply be disappointing. In a perfect world, you ought to have 2 cameras as changing lenses is tedious when you may miss the activity. In addition, dust will, in general, get into the sensor when changing lenses, and this appears as spots on your photographs. Continually bring a flash for night safari photography.

  • Flights and baggage

2 Must Know Tips If You Want To Avoid Failure in African Photographic Safaris

Continuously endeavor to keep your costly cameras and lenses in your hand luggage for aircraft travel. Utilize a delicate camera case with bunches of good cushioning and sections for all that you need. Check your aircraft’s weight allowances and the expense for excess baggage things and book the extra, rather than taking a risk. Remember to check for baggage allowance on any internal flights you’re taking on smaller aircraft. Also, keep your most costly gears in your hand luggage wherever conceivable.

  • A small tripod

A tripod is valuable or even a fundamental bit of unit for night photography, long exposures or for around the camp. Bring a bean pack as opposed to (or in addition to) a tripod. You can shoot from inside the vehicle and get a steady shot. These can be made with a pack of rice and a pillowcase or an old shirt.

  • A jacket

A windproof jacket is suggested for the cool mornings. As it would likewise furnish you with pockets that would be useful in conveying your little stuff for your adventure. Driving alongside every one of the windows down can be entirely cold.  You should need to consider a light shell jacket that can shield you from the odd shower as there is every possibility for downpour amid your African Photographic Safaris.

  • Travel equipment insurance

3 Must Know Tips If You Want To Avoid Failure in African Photographic Safaris

Regardless of how cautious you are, riding with some very expensive gears in an open jeep, along harsh roads, fundamentally builds the dangers of a mishap or knock against a window outline. High-value things may not be secured with standard travel insurance policies, so check before you purchase. You might be secured by your home insurance, however, it’s worth checking if you are really secured for things from home and explicitly, a safari trip, which accompanies included hazard.

  • Backup

4 Must Know Tips If You Want To Avoid Failure in African Photographic Safaris

One of the fundamental African safari photography tips for wildlife is to continually bring enough memory cards. As wildlife photography offers loads of chance for action photography, you’ll end up shooting a lot of frames and topping off a ton memory space. You should prefer to have huge memory cards that can hold an entire day’s photography. Nothing is more disappointing than changing cards amidst the activity. Toward the day’s end, you can download the cards on your laptop and make a back-up on an external drive. If you don’t go with a PC, you should in any case back-up your memory cards on a reasonable gadget.

For a great many people, photography is an integral part of an African Safari. The abundance of extraordinary photographic open doors is inspiring. African Photographic Safaris is a standout amongst the most ideal approaches to safeguard your safari memories, improve your craft and impress your friends back home. So in the event that you need to visit these astonishing spot and go for a photographic safari at that point book your outing today with Nature Bound Africa. We work in curating specific photographic safari packages that accompany proficient guides and staffs to support you. For more data visit us @  

African Wildlife Safari; The Right Way To Enjoy The Show Of Serengeti Migration

Did you know the migration of Serengeti is the greatest wildlife show on earth? We are not talking about a movie, circus or a magic show. In order to witness this greatest event, you need to pack your bags for Africa and head straight towards Serengeti of Tanzania where you will start witnessing a specific cycle of events that African Wildlife Safari will unveil it to you. Just imagine watching 1.5 million wildebeest, gazelle & Zebra that move throughout the seasons with only one goal in mind and that is to search for food & water.

Now go through some main points that can tell you more about the migration:-         

  • It is a natural cycle that takes place throughout the year without a stop.
  • Even predators like Crocodiles and lions can’t stop them from continuing their endeavor.

Listed below are the points how you are going to witness the ultimate action scenes of Serengeti:-

The Three Secret Keys For Witnessing A Successful Migration

4 African Wildlife Safari; The Right Way To Enjoy The Show Of Serengeti Migration

Those who are the first timers are not aware of the fact that the migration happens due to the changing seasons that are capable of bringing short rains, dry spells & long rains making millions of wildebeests gather at one place. So the tourists have to be in:-

  • Be in the right places.
  • Paying the visit at the right time of the year.
  • Let Nature Bound Africa provide you the finest experts for your African Safari Tours.
The Way The Annual Wildebeest Migration Works

Until now, it is clear that the migration is a constant process and predicting its exact start is not easy but yes, it is pretty simple to experience the entire process by going for your African Wildlife Safari:-

  • At the start of April, waters of Maasai Mara Rivers start losing their necessary elevation. Wildebeest also starts mating in this season. By the month of June & July, the entire game reserve runs dry making it suitable for the wildebeest to crossover to the greener Serengeti national park.
  • Now inside Serengeti, you can see the wildebeest hordes resting in peace for two long months and getting the ample time for starting the birthing process. The calving season starts in the months of January & February giving you the enjoyment of witnessing the Best Wildlife Safaris In Africa.
  • Actually, the months of January & February is also a time for celebration for the predators like lions, leopards, cheetahs that just walk away easily with the young ones of these hooves.
Best Places To Witness The Action       

2 African Wildlife Safari; The Right Way To Enjoy The Show Of Serengeti Migration

It is a year-round event that also means there are few spots in Serengeti where you can take some of the award-winning shots of the migration during the African Wildlife Safari:-

  • The crossing of Grumeti & Mara Rivers by these hooves can show you some spectacular action when the crocodiles residing in this water suddenly splash out from the water to pounce upon an unsuspecting grazer.
  • You can also watch the land predators like lion, leopard & especially cheetahs running after the wildebeest in the vast plains of Serengeti at zipping speeds that is quite difficult to capture in your cameras.

Finally, it is safe to say that no African Wildlife Safari is same as the last one so your migration trip is going to be magical and please don’t assume that you are going to see the massive horde of the wildebeest at all times. They gather in massive numbers in some places only and the expert native guide of Nature bound Africa can take you there. In order to know more about Migration or to trim the packages, please visit us @

Our travel blogs will show you the different aspects of Africa so visiting us @ How Can An African Safari Will Change Your Life? will expand your horizons.  

Swahili Phrases To Make Your African Safari Tours Go Smoothly

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Are you planning for an African Safari Tours? Stressed over how to speak with the general population?

At that point, you have touched base at the correct spot when you are arranging an African Tours And Safaris you may think that its supportive to realize how to make proper acquaintance and farewell just as make a couple of trades with local people in their language.

By learning some essential Swahili words and phrases, you will most likely speak with the locals in a word or two that they know. While it very well may be a little intimidating having somebody converse with you in a language that you don’t know great, individuals dependably acknowledge even the most diminutive exertion to get familiar with some fundamental Swahili words and phrases. African Photography Safari gives you a chance to investigate the different community and become more acquainted with their way of life.

Learning some fundamental Swahili expressions can make your African Safari simple and an enjoyable one. Swahili is not a difficult language, a couple of redundancies and practice will influence you to become familiar with the language effectively.

Here are a few phrases which you can use amid your African Family Safari:


Greetings Swahili Phrases To Make Your African Safari Tours Go Smoothly

  • Jambo: Hello
  • Habari: Hello, but generally used when speaking to older people.
  • Habari Gani? : How are you?
  • Nzuri: Fine/Nice/Good
  • Kwaheri: Goodbye
  • Tutaonana: See you later

 For More Casual Interactions:::

  • Mambo: What’s up?
  • Vipi: How?
  • Sema: Speak?
  • Safi: Fine
  • Poa: Cool
  • Freshi: Fresh

Saying “Thank You” And Other Courtesies

Saying “Thank You” And Other Courtesies Swahili Phrases To Make Your African Safari Tours Go Smoothly

  • Asante: Thank you
  • Asante sana: Thank you very much.
  • Hapanaasante: No thank you
  • Tafadhali: Please
  • Samahani: Excuse me
  • Pole: Sorry
  • Ndiyo/Hapana: Yes/No
  • Sawa: Ok
  • Rafiki: Friend
  • Pole sana: very sorry
  • Hakunamatata: No worries
  • HamnaShida: No problem
  • Karibu: Welcome
  • Jinalakonani? : What is your name?
  • NinafurahaKukutananawe: Nice to meet you.

Agreements And Disagreements

  • I understand: Naelewa
  • I don’t understand: Sielewi
  • I like it: Ninaipenda
  • I don’t like it: Siipendi
  • Do you like it? : Je unaipenda?


  • Mimi: Me
  • Wewe: You
  • Yeye: Him/Her
  • Yangu: Mine
  • Yako: Yours
  • Yake: His/Hers
  • Yetu: Ours

Food Swahili Phrases To Make Your African Safari Tours Go Smoothly

  • Chakula: Food
  • Kahawa: Coffee
  • Chai: Tea
  • Bia: Beer
  • Maji: Water
  • MajiyaKunywa: Drinking Water
  • Eat: Kula
  • Menu: Menyu
  • Bill: Bili
  • Hot: Moto
  • Cold: Baridi
  • Drinks: Vinwaji
  • Cold Drink: Kinywajibaridi
  • Rice: Wali
  • Meat: Nyama
  • Fish: Samaki
  • Vegetable: Mboga

So these are the phrases that would help you amid your African Safari Tours. Tanzania is a spot that is in everyone’s bucket list so you tick it off by booking your visit with us. We at Nature Bound Africa have curated the ideal African Wildlife Safari for you to explore the natural wild. For more information, you can visit our page at

How Can An African Safari Will Change Your Life?


Almost everyone on this planet love to travel to numerous places on the planet. But the majority of those people are interested in going for safari tours. Safari trips have an edge over all other types of travel. No matter wherever we roam in this world, Africa is always going to have a special mention in our mind & hearts. It is a place with the capability of changing any person completely. It will change the way you see in the world & how you look at life. Through African Safari you are really going to see the wonders of nature and never going to be the same again after coming out of it.

Now, this is how your life is going to change forever:-               

You’ll Need To Regulate The Scale Of Your Adventure

You’ll Need To Regulate The Scale Of Your Adventure How Can An African Safari Will Change Your Life?

As a first-timer, you must have to understand that safari trip & the adventure associated with it go together. But you really don’t have an idea about the limits of African adventure. You might have to take out an annual travel insurance policy for all the amazing exploits that Africa Tours And Safaris has to offer.   

You Will Never Be Able To Go For Zoo Again

You Will Never Be Able To Go For Zoo Again How Can An African Safari Will Change Your Life?

After watching the wild lions stalking and running after a herd of wildebeest with your own naked eyes or the great migration in motion, you are never going to visit a zoo again in your life. 

The Evening Stars In Africa

The Evening Stars In Africa How Can An African Safari Will Change Your Life?

There is a huge difference between watching stars from the terrace of your home and doing the same while enjoying the comforts of your camp during African Safari Tours. Stars in Africa are so magical because of the clear sky and you cannot find the same at your home.

That Moment When You Comprehend Lion Is Real King Of Serengeti

An African Safari trip will reinstall the hope that magical things do exist in the real world too. You just have to watch it very closely for realizing it. There are numerous places in African parks that are going to give you such a feeling.        

The Dark Colonial History

The African Wildlife Safari will show you many things during the trip and sometimes it even includes the dark events of history when most of the countries in Africa were colonized for its resources. The scars of the past history of colonization will take a long time to heal.      

The Friends Along The Way

The Friends Along The Way How Can An African Safari Will Change Your Life?

Tagging along a tour group is always beneficial especially for bonding by sitting around a campfire in the middle of Africa. Making friends along the way while on a quest to explore Africa Tours And Safaris will be just awesome.

Africa Is Not So Poor As You Think

While on your African Family Safari, you will also be able to go through some big cities like Dar Es Salaam or Kampala with skyscrapers. Besides, those natives of this continent seem to be very happy and content with whatever they have left in life and never complain. The reality is contrary to the story popularised by western media.  

The African Safari will not just change you but will also make you a better person. People like you will gain the kind of experience that is simply not possible inside a zoo. What do you have to say? Are you ready for this soul-searching trip? Affordability is not a problem if you are customizing the package and for further information’s contact us @  

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