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Swahili Phrases To Make Your African Safari Tours Go Smoothly

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Are you planning for an African Safari Tours? Stressed over how to speak with the general population?

At that point, you have touched base at the correct spot when you are arranging an African Tours And Safaris you may think that its supportive to realize how to make proper acquaintance and farewell just as make a couple of trades with local people in their language.

By learning some essential Swahili words and phrases, you will most likely speak with the locals in a word or two that they know. While it very well may be a little intimidating having somebody converse with you in a language that you don’t know great, individuals dependably acknowledge even the most diminutive exertion to get familiar with some fundamental Swahili words and phrases. African Photography Safari gives you a chance to investigate the different community and become more acquainted with their way of life.

Learning some fundamental Swahili expressions can make your African Safari simple and an enjoyable one. Swahili is not a difficult language, a couple of redundancies and practice will influence you to become familiar with the language effectively.

Here are a few phrases which you can use amid your African Family Safari:


Greetings Swahili Phrases To Make Your African Safari Tours Go Smoothly

  • Jambo: Hello
  • Habari: Hello, but generally used when speaking to older people.
  • Habari Gani? : How are you?
  • Nzuri: Fine/Nice/Good
  • Kwaheri: Goodbye
  • Tutaonana: See you later

 For More Casual Interactions:::

  • Mambo: What’s up?
  • Vipi: How?
  • Sema: Speak?
  • Safi: Fine
  • Poa: Cool
  • Freshi: Fresh

Saying “Thank You” And Other Courtesies

Saying “Thank You” And Other Courtesies Swahili Phrases To Make Your African Safari Tours Go Smoothly

  • Asante: Thank you
  • Asante sana: Thank you very much.
  • Hapanaasante: No thank you
  • Tafadhali: Please
  • Samahani: Excuse me
  • Pole: Sorry
  • Ndiyo/Hapana: Yes/No
  • Sawa: Ok
  • Rafiki: Friend
  • Pole sana: very sorry
  • Hakunamatata: No worries
  • HamnaShida: No problem
  • Karibu: Welcome
  • Jinalakonani? : What is your name?
  • NinafurahaKukutananawe: Nice to meet you.

Agreements And Disagreements

  • I understand: Naelewa
  • I don’t understand: Sielewi
  • I like it: Ninaipenda
  • I don’t like it: Siipendi
  • Do you like it? : Je unaipenda?


  • Mimi: Me
  • Wewe: You
  • Yeye: Him/Her
  • Yangu: Mine
  • Yako: Yours
  • Yake: His/Hers
  • Yetu: Ours

Food Swahili Phrases To Make Your African Safari Tours Go Smoothly

  • Chakula: Food
  • Kahawa: Coffee
  • Chai: Tea
  • Bia: Beer
  • Maji: Water
  • MajiyaKunywa: Drinking Water
  • Eat: Kula
  • Menu: Menyu
  • Bill: Bili
  • Hot: Moto
  • Cold: Baridi
  • Drinks: Vinwaji
  • Cold Drink: Kinywajibaridi
  • Rice: Wali
  • Meat: Nyama
  • Fish: Samaki
  • Vegetable: Mboga

So these are the phrases that would help you amid your African Safari Tours. Tanzania is a spot that is in everyone’s bucket list so you tick it off by booking your visit with us. We at Nature Bound Africa have curated the ideal African Wildlife Safari for you to explore the natural wild. For more information, you can visit our page at

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