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Safari Adventure Tours

Safari Adventure Tours in Kenya and Tanzania

Safari Adventure Tours

At the heart of what we do is a common passion for sharing our love and expertise for Safari Adventure Tours in Africa. Our success is the result of hours spent matching what you want with what we’ve got and leveraging our long standing relationships with our partners on the ground to enhance your safari experience.

The safari countries of East and southern Africa are among the only regions in the world where you can still experience life on Earth as it was before the humans took over. Many wildlife areas are truly realms apart, tangibly different from our familiar, constructed environments.

As a first-time visitor, no amount of Attenborough TV can prepare you for the sight and sound of braying wildebeests thundering past your vehicle, for the strategic calculations of a lion pride setting up a hunt, or for the colossal bulk and earthy smell of a silverback gorilla. At Expert Africa, every country we specialise in has outstanding, and sometimes unique wildlife areas and experiences. Give us a call and ask us about our own special wildlife experiences.

The choices are all yours. Go on foot to track wild dogs in Zimbabwe or black rhinos in Kenya. Take a boat trip on the Rufiji River or through the waterways of the Okavango Delta. Or simply set off in your safari vehicle at dawn, to see what the night left behind and what the day ahead will bring.

Collectively, we have visited over 500 safari camps, lodges and hotels, met with dozens of safari guides, tour operators and camp managers, and undertaken just about every adventure activity from gorilla tracking to swimming in Devil’s Pool on the edge of Victoria Falls to canoeing safaris. In short, we’ve been there and done that and can tell you all about it first hand.

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