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Responsible Tourism in Africa

Responsible Tourism in Africa

As an ecotourism operator, Responsible tourism in Africa is our top priority and Nature Bound Africa is committed to minimizing the impact our activities have on the natural and cultural heritage of the areas we take visitors for safari adventure tours. We not only seek to protect the environment, we aim to contribute to local livelihoods given that many of our activities rely on the good will and generosity of local peoples.

To assist us in this endeavor for responsible tourism in Africa we kindly request that you:

  • Do not harass, interfere with or attempt to feed the wildlife
  • Leave all plants, animals, bones, rocks, or other natural object exactly where you find them
  • Always use the rubbish facilities provided and if there are none, take your rubbish with you (this includes cigarette butts)
  • Always seek permission before photographing local people
  • Treat local cultures respectfully, even though they differ from your own
  • Dress conservatively to avoid giving offence
  • Reward good service with a small tip
  • Keep your water and electricity usage to a minimum

Thank you for choosing to travel with us. We hope you have an amazing, memorable and enjoyable experience.