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Zanzibar Tours

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Spend an exciting active day out in Zanzibar with this full-day combo package, ideal for couples and families. Explore Mnemba Island Atoll Zanzibar. Enjoy snorkeling, swim with playful dolphins and relax on a shallow water Sandbank.


Zanzibar Tours

Mainland Tanzania and the Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar are stunning destinations and together they provide a wonderful experience of all that Tanzania has to offer. Visiting both means that you can enjoy a safari at one or more of the many national parks and reserves on the Tanzanian mainland, and then follow it up with a beach holiday on Zanzibar, which also has a superb cultural and architectural legacy. They’re two very different destinations, but they go perfectly well together in ways that allow you to experience the best that East Africa has to offer.

1. Zanzibar Tours: Stone Town and Jozani Forest Tour

This combined Stone Town and Jozani Forest tour is an excursion package that visits two of the most popular tourist attractions Zanzibar Tours has to offer; historic buildings and beautiful nature. Culture and history in the heart of old Stone Town and the protected, ancient hardwood forest and mangroves with the Red Colobus monkeys in Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park.

Zanzibar: Tour of Jozani Forest and the Rock Restaurant

2. Zanzibar: Tour of Jozani Forest and the Rock Restaurant

Join us for an exciting tour and visit the Jozani Forest and the Rock Restaurant in one day! This Zanzibar tour can be either done in the morning or afternoon and takes half a day. Our driver will be ready to pick you up from your hotel. You will first visit the Jozani National Park, home to the Red Colobos Monkey and the only National Park in Zanzibar. Enjoy walking around this beautiful nature park with a guide. After your visit to Jozani National Park you will continue your adventure and will be taken to the Rock restaurant, which is an extraordinary seafood restaurant located on a rock in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The perfect place to take some nice holiday pictures!

Zanzibar: Quad Bike Adventure Tour to a Local Village

3. Zanzibar: Quad Bike Adventure Tour to a Local Village

Meet your guide at the office of the activity provider then drive along the main road going to Pwani Majangani, for about 4 km. The tour usually stops for a few minutes at a local shop where you can buy some food to offer as a present to the village. After this small pit stop, you leave the tarmac road to ride the quad off-road through the rice fields, where your guide stops for about 15 minutes to explain the economy, culture, and habits of the villages in the middle part of the island. After this explanation, the excursion goes ahead through the environment of the island to arrive at the local village, where you’ll stop for about 1 hour. Travelers will have the opportunity to stay with the children, play with them, and be in contact with the community of the village. After this first contact, your guide will offer guests local fresh fruits (Madafu, seasonal fresh fruit). Next, head to the House of Mad, a typical home in the rural village, as your guide discusses the life and culture of the Zanzibarian people. Before getting back on the quad, visit plantations of cinnamon, cloves, lemon grass, and other varieties, which are cultivated by the people of the village. You finally leave the village riding to Pwani Majangani to reach the fishermen’s village. At the village, you will stop for a few minutes to explain the difference between the rural village and the community based on the coast of the Island. Following the sand road, passing through the fishermen’s houses, you arrive at the beach where you will stop for a few minutes before heading back to the starting point.

4. Prison Island: Private Half-Day Tour

This private guided half day tour can begin any time from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Meet your well-trained guide and boatman as your board your steam-engine wooden boat. Head to the prestigious island and enjoy the 30-minute journey.  Listen to the history of the island and discover the past centuries through the historical buildings, which have served many purposes over the years including a prison, chapel, and hiding place for slaves after the abolition.  Enjoy a swim or snorkel around the colorful coral rocks and turquoise waters. Play with giant tortoises and you may take photographs with these old precious creatures. If you do not have much experience or confidence in the water, you will be provided with a life jacket.

Zanzibar: Prison Island Tour with Lunch on the Sandbank

5. Zanzibar: Prison Island Tour with Lunch on the Sandbank

Your Zanzibar adventure begins with a visit to Prison Island, purchased in 1893 by Lloyd Mathews, the British First Minister of Zanzibar at the time. Mathews constructed a prison complex on the island which is still visible today, however no prisoners were ever housed on the island and instead it became a quarantine station for yellow fever sufferers. On the island, spend some time exploring the area and discover the collection of over 50 tortoises that live here, some of which are more than 100 years old. Learn about why the tortoises call the island their home, as well as taking photos and feeding them too. The island is also home to peacocks and small antelope too. Once you’ve explored the island, enjoy the opportunity to cool off from the hot weather with a refreshing dip in the surrounding crystal clear waters. Spend some time snorkeling in the water just off the island and search for colorful tropical fish and vibrant coral reef. After you’ve worked up an appetite from swimming, relax on the sandbank with a delicious lunch including a seafood BBQ, Swahili cuisine, cheese, tropical fruit, and more.

Zanzibar: Stone Town & Spice Farm Tour with Lunch

6. Zanzibar Tours: Stone Town & Spice Farm Tour with Lunch

Begin your private tour in Stone Town, a city of prominent historical and artistic importance in East Africa. Its architecture, mostly dating back to the 19th century, reflects the diverse influences underlying Swahili culture, giving a unique mixture of Arab, Persian, Indian and European elements. For this reason, the town was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Start by exploring the Old Slave Market site and Anglican Church, before strolling through the narrow streets towards the City Market. Marvel at the fresh products and fruits and watch how locals buy and sell anything here. Observe the hustle and bustle of the fish auction. After this, take a sightseeing tour of the main buildings in Stone Town including the Palace Museum and the House of Wonder, which is the largest and tallest building in the town, also known as Bait-al-ajab. Continue on to see the Old Fort, Tippu Tip, and of course, the most famous, Freddie Mercury’s House. Also visit the Peace Memorial and Natural History Museum, amongst other attractions.  Next, learn about one of the main industries in the region: spices. Discover how the islands produce cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and black pepper. For this reason, the Zanzibar Archipelago, together with Tanzania’s Mafia Island, is sometimes called the “Spice Islands”. There are many spice farms in Zanzibar and for the next portion of the tour, you will visit a real organic spice farm. When you arrive, the spice farm guide will describe how the spices are grown and used as medication and flavor in dishes. See spices like vanilla, cardamom, nutmeg, and many more. It will be possible to touch, smell and taste the spices and herbs directly from plants. Later, take the opportunity to join a cassava leaf harvest, make coconut milk, and practice some cooking. Even more, a coconut tree climber will pick some fresh young coconut fruits for you to try. End the trip with lunch at the spice farm and the opportunity to purchase spices from the shop (cash only).

Zanzibar: Mnemba Island, Monkeys & Kuza Cave Private Tour

7. Zanzibar: Mnemba Island, Monkeys & Kuza Cave Zanzibar Tour

Spend an exciting active day out in Zanzibar with this full-day combo package, ideal for couples and families. Save time and optimize a good value for money. Explore Mnemba Island Atoll Zanzibar. Enjoy snorkeling, swim with playful dolphins, and relax on a shallow water Sandbank. Observe red colobus monkeys at Jozani Forest Park; looking out for mangrove forest, mahogany forest, and tropical birds. Explore the amazing atmosphere of Kuza cave at Culture Centre of Zanzibar. Swim with your special one in clear crystal water. Visit majestic Zanzibar beaches in Paje, feel the serenity on beautiful Paje beach, the white sand and calm waves, and feel the true beach paradise on Paje beach. End your special day by visiting The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar. One of the most iconic views of Zanzibar. We offer exclusive surprise added values, free upgrades, and extras to make sure that this excursion is your special getaway for Zanzibar tours.

Other Sightseeing Options for Zanzibar tours

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