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Sight Seeing

Superb wildlife, stunning landscapes, great adventures

Sight Seeing safari in Kenya and Tanzania are once in a life time experiences with a variety of different landscapes in one conservancy, you will cross through rocky green outcrops, dry arid deserts and one of Kenya’s biggest cedar forests. This varied sight seeing topography means every day a new adventure, full of new wildlife to view. Of course, the classics are right here on the doorstep (literally – elephants drinking at the camp’s dam almost every morning) – nothing is more special that spotting your first elephant, zebra or giraffe – but also striped hyena, aardvark, gerenuks and other more rare creatures. Lolldaiga Hills also has a big population of leopards which we see and hear all the time, a good sight seeing option.

And then, how to view these beautiful animals? Walk, hike, drive your own vintage car, be taken by our guide into the bush, kayak and more… Our world is truly yours to explore however you want!


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