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African Wildlife Safari

Africa Wildlife Safari Adventure

Africa Wildlife Safari Adventure is an intimate way to discover all that Africa has to offer, your private safari guide will assist you at every turn and oversee your entire experience from beginning to end. Your escort or guide creates a seamless African safari vacation; all you have to do is relax and experience the magic of Africa.

Africa, the birthplace of the human race is often generalised as a whole country. In reality, a trip to Africa will introduce you to 54 distinct countries that encompass multiple climates, landscapes, religions and cultures. Holidays to Africa will open your senses to grassy savannah plains stretched across entire countries from east to west Africa and finally dipping south while the endless Sahara desert consumes the north. The miracle of Africa is the endurance of its wildlife and its people in what can often be extreme conditions. But don’t underestimate the cosmopolitan oases to be found.

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