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South Africa Safari Tours

South Africa Safari Tours

South Africa – “the rainbow nation”. It’s a reflection on the fascinating diversity of this country, not only in the identities of its people but in the landscapes, wildlife, cultures, and activities it offers. South Africa is a country which, because of its variety, can be all things to all people, truly a rainbow of varied opportunities and experiences.

South Africa safari tours natural paradise no doubt offers fantastic climate and diversely interesting regions with diverse cultures. To say that South Africa is a virtual paradise is a true statement.

South Africa country geographically consists of an unspoiled coastline stretching for 2800 kilometers / 1740 miles, dramatic mountains and escarpments, extensive bushveld, subtropical forest and outstanding wetlands. Although a comparatively large country, it is easy to get around on a South Africa=vacation due to its excellent air and rail services.

It is bordered by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique and itself surrounds two = independent countries, Swaziland and Lesotho. The coastline is part of both=the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Interestingly, South Africa has 3 capitals. Cape Town is the legislative capital, Pretoria, the administrative and Bloemfontein the judicial. The country is divided into 9 provinces and has 11 official languages.

Although the main attraction is no doubt the natural beauty on a South African vacation, the visitor can also enjoy = the many wildlife reserves suitable for South Africa safaris, out door pursuits, historical sites, wine tasting, local arts and crafts, art galleries and museums plus much more. Some interesting facts are South  Africa has the deepest mine in the world,  the highest commercial bungee jump,  2000 shipwrecks along its coastline, some more than 500 years old and some of the worlds oldest fossils. Table Mountain has more than 1500 different species of plants and Kruger Park has the greatest variety of wildlife on the continent of Africa.

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