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Camping Safari Tours

Camping Safari Tours experience of sleeping out under the infinite stars, embarking on early morning game drives, and pitching a tent in the middle of one of the most incredible natural areas in the world? Sounds like a camping safari to us. If that sounds amazing (and it should!), we’ve been on numerous camping safari and handpicked the best spots for your African camping safari Tour.

Camping Safari is the traditional way colonial visitors travelled through Africa. Mobile camps started in East Africa and the trend moved south from Kenya to Tanzania.

First time visitors to Africa are sometimes a little intimidated by the idea of Camping Safari Tours of non-permanent or tented camps in the wilderness – concerned that the bigger, permanent lodges are safer. This is not necessarily the case. The most important thing to understand about the bush is that animals like to steer very clear of people, and so sleeping out in mobile camps is very much a safe experience. It is also incredibly rewarding and far more intimate than staying at the bigger lodges around Africa.

The thickness of your wall is not what protects you from wildlife – though it might make you sleep better. Animals see mostly shapes and will generally avoid structures and tents in camps, and beyond this, the camp managers are incredibly experienced at avoiding any unwanted human/wildlife conflict.

If you are concerned about comfort, worry no more. Mobile Camping Safari Tours have all the luxury and comforts you would expect of any lodge with far less of the impact. You will get hot showers, comfortable beds, three wholesome meals a day and a cold Gin and Tonic by the fire at night. Beyond that, a life-changing mobile safari experience in the wilderness awaits.


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