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South Africa Beach and Wildlife – 14 Days
South Africa Beach and Wildlife – 14 DaysSouth Africa Beach and Wildlife – 14 DaysSouth Africa Beach and Wildlife – 14 DaysSouth Africa Beach and Wildlife – 14 DaysSouth Africa Beach and Wildlife – 14 DaysSouth Africa Beach and Wildlife – 14 Days

South Africa Beach and Wildlife – 14 Days


This Beach and Wildlife getaway leads you through the unforgettable wildlife and wetlands of Zululand.


Zululand – Kosi Bay – Swaziland – Inhambane – Kruger National Park

This Beach and Wildlife getaway leads you through the unforgettable wildlife and wetlands of Zululand. It will take you to marvellous beaches, where you can snorkel, dive and fish, making this a tropical bliss. It also includes a bush walk in Swaziland and fantastic game viewing in the world-famous Kruger National Park.

Days 1-2: Johannesburg to ZululandLeaving from the City of Gold, Johannesburg, at 06h30 we journey through the undulating grasslands of the Highveld before travelling down the slopes and into the centre of KwaZulu-Natal where we reside in the Mkuzi Game Reserve.The Reserve was constructed in 1912 and boasts a wide array of natural habitats, resulting in abundant game and birdlife. The Mkuzi Game Reserve forms a portion of the Greater iSimangaliso Wetland Park, a world heritage site. We embark on game drives to explore the Reserve and pay a visit to a hide that overlooks one of the various waterholes in order to observe the different game that roams down in search of water. The Mkuzi Game Reserve plays a crucial role in the conservation of the threatened black and white rhino, and we make an effort to seek out these majestic animals during our game drives.
Trip Highlights: Entrance fee to Mkuzi Game Reserve, morning & afternoon game drives
Chalet – 2 twin shared bedrooms in each chalet with 1 shared bathroom
Swimming pool, restaurant & shop
Meals Included:
 Breakfast, Lunch (X2), Dinner (X2)
Distance Covered: +/- 550kms
Day 3-5: Kosi Bay

Kosi Bay Nature Reserve spreads over an area of fruitful estuaries, mangroves, dune forests and tidal lakes. We explore this incredible ecosystem on foot and have the opportunity to snorkel at the mouth of the estuary. A distinct characteristic of the estuary in Kosi Bay is the traditional act of subsistence tidal trap fishing.

Later in the day we will be taken on a stroll by a local guide to the adjacent village, where we are introduced to the Zulu people and are educated about their culture and customs. Leather back and loggerhead turtles lay eggs during the evening on the sandy beaches which makes for an incredible sight, and an outing can be organised in order to watch this magnificent natural event.

Trip Highlights: Snorkelling at Kosi Bay River Mouth (mask & snorkel can be hired from the lodge at a nominal fee), Zulu village visit
Chalets – twin chalets with en suite bathrooms
Meals Included:
 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance Covered: +/- 180kms
Optional Activities: Leatherback turtle excursion (only available November – January)

Day 6: Swaziland

Hlane Game Reserve is the biggest National Park in Swaziland and the chalets in which we reside in are encircled by gorgeous African bushveld, such as Knobthorn, Leadwood and Tambuti trees. In front of the camp lies a waterhole where you can watch as rhino and various other animals wander down to drink. We meet up with a local ranger who guides us on a bush walk in order to exercise our skills in game tracking and to spot amazing bird life.

Trip Highlights: Entrance fee to Hlane Game Reserve, bushwalk with local field ranger
Chalet – 3/4 twin bedrooms, with 2 bathrooms shared between rooms
Meals Included:
 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance Covered: +/- 350kms

Day 7: Maputo

We make our way into Mozambique at the Namaacha border and journey to Maputo, previously known as Lourenço Marques. Located on a natural harbour, Maputo is the economic centre of Mozambique. At one point known as the ‘African Riviera’, Portuguese and African cultures join in an exceptional mixture of delicious seafood. Take some time to taste the magnificent seafood at one of the local restaurants at your own expense.

Accommodation: Hotel / guest house – 2 twin bedrooms, en-suite
Meals Included:
 Breakfast, Lunch
Distance Covered: +/- 120kms

Days 8-10: Inhambane

Journeying north along the coastline of the Indian Ocean, we travel through mango and cashew nut plantations on the way to Inhambane. There are solid and evident Arab influences in Inhambane that date back to the days when slaves, ivory, gold and spices were traded. We spend some time exploring this interesting town and its majestic cathedral that is over 200 years old. We also pay a visit to the lovely fresh produce market before making our way to Praia de Tofu.

Unwind and take pleasure in the inviting ocean water and vast, sun-kissed beaches. For those who wish to do something more exciting, there are plenty of Optional Activities in which to partake, such as dhow rides, scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing and surfing (at your own expense).

Accommodation: Casa John – 2 twin bedrooms with 1 bathroom shared between 2 rooms
Meals Included:
 Breakfast (X3), Lunch (X3), Dinner (X2)
Distance Covered: +/- 500kms
Optional Activities: Scuba diving, ocean safari, sailing and many more.

Day 11: Bilene

We make our way south along the coastline toward the town of Bilene, located on the shores of the sparkling, clear Uembje lagoon. The lagoon is 8 kilometres in width and 27 kilometres in length with white beaches, and is divided from the Indian Ocean by a thin band of sand dunes.

Our afternoon is spent exploring this wonderful lagoon, with the choice of participating in kayaking and snorkelling at your own expense, or taking a refreshing dip in the still, shallow waters. At night we indulge in a delicious supper at a local restaurant that boasts splendid views overlooking the lagoon.

AccommodationCasitas – twin rooms with en-suite facilities
Meals Included:
 Breakfast, Lunch
Distance Covered: +/- 355kms
Optional Activities: Snorkelling, sunset cruise & fishing (please note that these are subject to time availability)

Days 12-13: Kruger National Park

Departing from the coast of the Indian Ocean, we journey through the Limpopo Transfrontier Park and make our way into the famous Kruger National Park, South Africa. A symbol of nature protection, the Kruger is a massive game region. We embark on thrilling game drives in search of lions, giraffe, the majestic elephant and much more wildlife. Unwinding in the serene bush, we are able to experience the wonder of an authentic African wilderness.

Trip Highlights: Entrance fee to Kruger National Park, morning and afternoon game drives
Chalet – twin chalet (or lodge tent) shared facilities, swimming pool, restaurant & bar
Meals Included:
 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance Covered: +/- 350kms
Optional Activities: 
Night game drive in National Parks with open game viewing vehicle

Day 14: Johannesburg

Following a game drive at dawn, we head back to Johannesburg in the late afternoon, bronzed, relaxed and prepared to return to our everyday lives. Our tour winds down to an end in the evening.


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