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Carbon Offset

Carbon Offset – Tackling climate change

Although the science of climate change, and in particular the impact of aviation emissions, is not yet fully understood, there is increasing recognition that the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by aircraft is contributing to climate change. The flights taken by Nature Bound Africa‘s own team, and our travellers, are partly responsible for this.

A typical one-way flight to Africa generates about one tonne of CO2 per person travelling. Since 1 January 2008, Nature Bound Africa has donated $5 per team member per trip who travels to and from Africa. We have given this to verified ‘carbon offset’ projects arranged by an organisation that we support. We hope that these will generate CO2 ‘savings’ which go some way towards balancing out our flight emissions.

We know that most of our travellers will want to help with this. Hence, since January 2011 we have included this extra $5 per person with all the new invoices that we issue.

This represents the average cost of offsetting a flight to Africa and back to the destination of departure. Paying this is, of course, a matter of personal choice – should any traveller not wish to do so, then they can simply deduct this amount from their final balance.

We know that this effort to offset some of our emissions is not perfect or a complete solution, but it’s a start. We are also trying to reduce our office emissions and waste – including turning lights, computers and screens off every night – and although these are small things, when taken together we hope that they will help to make a difference.

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