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African Wildlife Safari; The Right Way To Enjoy The Show Of Serengeti Migration

Did you know the migration of Serengeti is the greatest wildlife show on earth? We are not talking about a movie, circus or a magic show. In order to witness this greatest event, you need to pack your bags for Africa and head straight towards Serengeti of Tanzania where you will start witnessing a specific cycle of events that African Wildlife Safari will unveil it to you. Just imagine watching 1.5 million wildebeest, gazelle & Zebra that move throughout the seasons with only one goal in mind and that is to search for food & water.

Now go through some main points that can tell you more about the migration:-         

  • It is a natural cycle that takes place throughout the year without a stop.
  • Even predators like Crocodiles and lions can’t stop them from continuing their endeavor.

Listed below are the points how you are going to witness the ultimate action scenes of Serengeti:-

The Three Secret Keys For Witnessing A Successful Migration

4 African Wildlife Safari; The Right Way To Enjoy The Show Of Serengeti Migration

Those who are the first timers are not aware of the fact that the migration happens due to the changing seasons that are capable of bringing short rains, dry spells & long rains making millions of wildebeests gather at one place. So the tourists have to be in:-

  • Be in the right places.
  • Paying the visit at the right time of the year.
  • Let Nature Bound Africa provide you the finest experts for your African Safari Tours.
The Way The Annual Wildebeest Migration Works

Until now, it is clear that the migration is a constant process and predicting its exact start is not easy but yes, it is pretty simple to experience the entire process by going for your African Wildlife Safari:-

  • At the start of April, waters of Maasai Mara Rivers start losing their necessary elevation. Wildebeest also starts mating in this season. By the month of June & July, the entire game reserve runs dry making it suitable for the wildebeest to crossover to the greener Serengeti national park.
  • Now inside Serengeti, you can see the wildebeest hordes resting in peace for two long months and getting the ample time for starting the birthing process. The calving season starts in the months of January & February giving you the enjoyment of witnessing the Best Wildlife Safaris In Africa.
  • Actually, the months of January & February is also a time for celebration for the predators like lions, leopards, cheetahs that just walk away easily with the young ones of these hooves.
Best Places To Witness The Action       

2 African Wildlife Safari; The Right Way To Enjoy The Show Of Serengeti Migration

It is a year-round event that also means there are few spots in Serengeti where you can take some of the award-winning shots of the migration during the African Wildlife Safari:-

  • The crossing of Grumeti & Mara Rivers by these hooves can show you some spectacular action when the crocodiles residing in this water suddenly splash out from the water to pounce upon an unsuspecting grazer.
  • You can also watch the land predators like lion, leopard & especially cheetahs running after the wildebeest in the vast plains of Serengeti at zipping speeds that is quite difficult to capture in your cameras.

Finally, it is safe to say that no African Wildlife Safari is same as the last one so your migration trip is going to be magical and please don’t assume that you are going to see the massive horde of the wildebeest at all times. They gather in massive numbers in some places only and the expert native guide of Nature bound Africa can take you there. In order to know more about Migration or to trim the packages, please visit us @

Our travel blogs will show you the different aspects of Africa so visiting us @ How Can An African Safari Will Change Your Life? will expand your horizons.  

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